A Tale Of Two Promotional Sneakers!

Over the years, some of the biggest brands in the business have used promotional products to add a special zing to their marketing efforts! Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Doritos are recent examples that come to mind. These brands have adopted unique and customer-friendly promotional campaigns that captured the attention of thousands of consumers across the USA.

March 2018 witnessed two hugely popular consumer brands using a unique promotional tool to grab a lot of attention and eyeballs – sneakers! These campaigns were launched to associate with the general public’s affinity towards a popular event. Let’s go through their campaigns to understand the marketing lengths these brands went to win the hearts of their target audience!

1. Pizza Hut’s Pie Tops II

2017 witnessed Pizza Hut launch the legendary Pie Top trainers, which helped users conveniently order a pizza with their shoes! This year, they went a step ahead and launched Pie Tops II to coincide with NCAA March Madness.

Pie Tops II is unlike anything you have seen before. Custom-made by The Shoe Surgeon, a Los Angeles-based sneaker maker, the revolutionary sneakers allow you to pause live television apart from ordering a pizza!

Want to order a pizza? Just click a button on the shoes to activate Bluetooth and pair with a Pizza Hut app, reaching a menu to place your order.

Want to pause live television? Click another button that works as an IR blaster and voila, your live television broadcast is paused!

Only 50 pairs of Pie Tops II have been manufactured. They are on sale since March 19 via HBX.com. Needless to say, these sneakers have been selling like hot cakes!

2. Dunkin’ Donuts’ Kinvara 9

Way back in 2006, Dunkin’ Donuts launched its new tagline “America Runs on Dunkin'” with a series of television and radio spots, apart from extensive print and outdoor ads. The ads focused on providing a variety of quality food and beverages at affordable pricing.

Now, this tagline takes a literal and figurative form with the donut giant teaming up with shoe company Saucony to launch a sugary pair of sneakers in time for the 2018 Boston Marathon.

The enticing Saucony x Dunkin’ Donuts Kinvara 9 sneaker features an eye-catching pink and orange ombré sole, pink doughnuts arching over the heel and orange/pink sprinkles across the sides. The Saucony logo features a coffee-bean print while the insoles feature classy images of coffee splashing out of a Dunkin’ Donuts cup. The sneakers come with three sets of laces – orange, black, and magenta.

The shoes come in packaging that resembles classic Dunkin’ Donuts’ boxes. The product is on sale for $110 on Saucony’s website.

Pizza Hut and Dunkin’ Donuts have marched one step ahead of the competition with these innovative campaigns. Do you know of any other brands using wacky marketing ideas to promote their cause? Let us know in the comment box below!
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