6 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas For Your Business

Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday of May every year, which falls on May 13th this year. The occasion celebrates motherhood by appreciating mothers and their contribution to make our world a better place to live. Many people shower women with gifts, flowers, cards, or candy on this day. Some take their loved ones for a peaceful lunch or dinner at a popular restaurant. This is the perfect time to make mothers feel special and appreciated!

Many companies frequently celebrate Mother’s Day to add a human touch to their business. The success of their Mother’s Day efforts depends on how well they are executed. Featured here are 6 Mother’s Day marketing ideas that will help to give your marketing efforts a big push.

1. Use a Mom-specific hash tag on social media
Introduce a Mom-specific hash tag on Facebook and Twitter! Get followers to share memorable pictures or videos along with this hash tag. This will induce a nostalgic feeling among online followers, prompting them to establish an emotional connection with your business.

2. Give away a Mother’s Day goodie basket
Distribute a basket full of goodies among your customers and employees. The goodies can feature chocolates, tote bags or beauty products. The basket will help to establish your business as an entity that is willing to go the extra mile to make customers and employees feel special. You can be assured of them staying loyal to your brand for a longer time. Contact us for our range of Mother’s Day giveaways for the goodie basket!

3. Launch a Mother’s Day contest with a special prize
You could launch a Mother’s Day contest online or at your physical store/office. The contest should be announced well in advance so that there are a lot of people participating. The prize should be classy and expensive like a getaway for two or a month’s supply of a quality product!

4. Launch amazing discounts and offers
Launch Mother’s Day discounts and publicize them online and at your physical store/office! The discounts will boost sales while also helping customers reconnect with your brand.

5. Have some fun with a meme generator
Ask mothers to upload pictures of them using a meme generator. Prizes can be given away to customers who post the most memorable pictures!

6. Launch an interesting poll
Use Facebook or Twitter to launch an exciting poll. You can ask questions such as:
i. “What are your favorite memories of being a mother?”
ii. “What is the best thing you remember about your mother?”
iii. “What is the funniest thing your child said to you?”

It’s important to create a poll the audience can identify with at a personal level. Questions such as the above should be accompanied by interesting answer options to choose from. If the poll connects with women, it will be shared multiple times, giving your brand valuable online visibility.

Here’s hoping Mother’s Day provides your brand with quality marketing opportunities. Get in touch with us for more giveaway ideas and we will gladly help you!

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