6 Unique Marketing Ways T-shirts Can Highlight Your Brand


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Promotional t-shirts are a massive hit with marketers across the world and why wouldn’t they be?  They are comfortable to wear, economical, and easy to distribute.  As long as the t-shirts are trendy and good-looking, people will continue to appreciate receiving them as gifts.

How many times have you relied on t-shirts as giveaways? If you haven’t used them yet, it’s time you did! We accept that there are hundreds of other businesses using t-shirts to highlight their brands but the difference lies in how well t-shirts are used for marketing purposes. This article lists 6 simple and unique ways a brand can get maximum marketing mileage out of t-shirts.

1. As uniforms

You will notice that employees at most stores wear a designated t-shirt as part of the uniform which create a feeling of unity.  Customers also feel comfortable in the presence of uniformed employees, knowing that their needs will be taken care of in a systematic and timely manner.

2. As invitational material

Are you planning to launch a new product or service? We recommend imprinting t-shirts with exciting messages about the new offering and distribute them throughout your community. This will help to generate positive interest in the brand and ensuring people notice what you have to offer.

3. As prizes

Launch exciting contests on social media and give away cool t-shirts with impressive designs as prizes. This will boost goodwill for your brand while helping you retain numerous customers.

4. As welcome gifts

T-shirts are often given away as welcome gifts by entities in the hospitality sector; this idea can be replicated by other businesses as well. For example, you could give a t-shirt as a welcome gift to a client who visits your office for the first time.  This option gives them a tangible gift to take home and remember your brand by.

5. As business cards

Get your company’s name, logo and contact details printed on t-shirts and distribute them around town! This way, your company will be more visible to the local community, helping them identify your brand better.

6.  As product inserts

It’s not a bad idea to include a t-shirt as part of your offering, especially if the product is an expensive one. This will help the buyer get a more personal and established connection with your brand.

Here are some recommended t-shirts to get you started: Hanes® T-Shirt 50/50 (Colored), Port & Company® 5.4 oz. Cotton T-Shirt (Colored), Gildan® Dry Blend Adult T-Shirt (Color), Gildan® Classic Fit Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Color), and Champion Raglan Baseball T-Shirt.

Need any help planning a campaign that focuses on t-shirts? Our team will gladly be of help!

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