5 Promotional Items To Welcome Daylight Saving Time This Year

As you already know, Daylight Saving Time is the yearly tradition of setting time forward by one hour during Spring. This ensures that evenings have more daylight so that people get more time to do tasks.

Daylight Saving Time begins on the 2nd Sunday in March and concludes on the 1st Sunday in November. It lasts for an average of 34 weeks, which is approximately 65% of the entire year.

This year, we will reset our clocks on March 11th. Initially, a lot of people will find their schedule becoming more hectic than usual, especially office-goers. It’s a good idea for business owners to invest in daylight saving promotional products that help keep spirits high while fighting stress. Featured here are some giveaways that are worthy additions to marketing campaigns.

1. Reusable Hot And Cold Pack

This reusable hot and cold pack helps to gain relief from pain and aches. Count on this compact gel pack to ensure employees feel special at work! This product is part of our 24 Hour Rush Service – place your order today and we will ship tomorrow!

2. Total Comfort Spa Kit

This spa kit features a clear bag that can be imprinted with your credentials. The bag has an eye-catching rope handle that ensures it can be carried around with ease. Each spa kit contains an arched roller face massager, a cool gel eye mask, and a palm/foot massage ball!

promotional spa kit

3. 12 oz. Aromatherapy Candle in Mason Jar

This product is a 12 oz Aromatherapy candle that comes in a mason jar with a golden lid. It features a variety of scent options. Count on this candle to lift moods wherever it is used!

aromatherapy candle

4. 11 oz. Full Color White Executive Mug

This 11 oz mug is made of stoneware and comes in a classic style. It features a C-handle for convenient grip. Renowned for its high quality and longevity, this mug is capable of winning hearts instantly!

promotional executive mugs

5. 20 oz. Frosted Fitness Bottle

Here is another product from our Free 24 Hour Rush Service category! This 20 oz bottle is BPA-free and made of recycled HDPE material. It is a truly American product and features a leak-resistant push pull lid. A highlight about this product is that it doesn’t retain any odor.

custom fitness bottles


We hope this article encourages you to launch a unique marketing campaign focused on March! Pick any of the daylight saving promotional products featured here or get in touch with us for more ideas – we will gladly be of help!

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