All You Need To Know About Custom Banners & Pop-up Displays

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We live in a marketing world that is dominated by a variety of visual aids. Marketers use them to reach out to their targeted audience spread across the world.  Having a more visually appealing marketing campaign increases your chances of getting enhanced visibility and attention!

Businesses usually rely on TV, radio, print ads, and giveaways to promote their brand.  Many also turn to custom banners and pop-up displays to make their presence felt at trade shows and exhibitions as well as in stores, malls, and offices.

A brief look at banners and pop-up displays

A banner is often made of vinyl or fabric which are available in a variety of sizes. They are commonly affixed to internal and external walls of buildings to capture the attention of a passerby.

A pop-up display can be considered an advanced version of a banner.  It consists of a graphics panel attached to a collapsible display stand which provides easy storage and portability.

You can find banners and pop-up displays among our wide range of tradeshow supplies.  Table covers, lanyards, and badges are just a few other merchandise options in this category; all which are made of the finest quality and available at economical prices.

Some recommended buys from Promo Direct include: Banners 3′ x 5′, Economy Fabric Retractable Banner Stand – 33.5″ x 82, X-Banner Stand With Customized Banner, Retractable Vinyl Banner with Silver Stand, and Retractable Banner with Black Stand

Advantages offered by custom banners and pop-up displays

  • They can be set up in a couple of minutes and removing them won’t be a hassle either.
  • They require very minimal amount of space. Banners can be affixed to any wall and a pop-up display can be placed just about anywhere and will require very little space.
  • They are considerably inexpensive and offer an impressive ROI.
  • They are conveniently portable and are a one-time investment that offer repeat usage for different marketing campaigns.

What can you expect from banners and pop-up displays?

  • More people will get exposed to your message! A banner or pop-up display is a visual marketing tool that’s hard to ignore.  Anyone passing by will undoubtedly throw a glance at them.
  • There will be a significant increase in visibility for your brand. Expect people in the local area to get more familiar with your brand’s logo.
  • New products or services can be efficiently promoted by a banner or pop-up display. Just create a banner that announces your marketing campaign, display it in a visible area and people will be heading to your store or office in no time!

We hope you found this article helpful and provided some insight on the benefits of banners and pop-up displays . Click here to shop our vast selection of banners, table covers and displays as well as other tradeshow items.  Not sure what type or size banner you need? Don’t worry, call or email us and one of marketing and design experts will gladly assist you!

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