8 Travel Promotional Products For Your Next Marketing Campaign

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81% of American travelers on business trips rely on their personal vehicles to cover long distances (an average of 250 miles from home). This is contrary to the stereotypical image of business travelers catching flights to travel across the country! Combine the figures for business trips with leisure and family trips – the average American spends a staggering amount of time on the road every year!

That’s why it makes perfect sense to rely on travel promotional products as gifts. They can help recipients have a more enjoyable experience while on the road. Featured below are 8 giveaways you should consider for your next campaign. Choose any of them to ensure your brand never goes unnoticed while your customers/employees are on the road!

1. USB Dual Car Charger

This charger is compatible with the majority of standard cigarette lighter ports. It features 2 USB Ports (1 Amp & 2.1 Amp Output). It also features overload and short circuit protection for a safer ride. Count on this product to provide users with an opportunity to keep their cell phones charged whenever they are on the move!

usb car charger

2. Sun Shade Square

Here is a product that will provide quality visibility wherever it is used. This shade offers a huge imprint area, ensuring that your brand’s logo never gets missed! Made of reflective material, this shade will ensure that automobile interiors remain cool while parked in the sun. This product is easy to open and close. It also ensures that the car is protected to an extent from undesirable elements.

sun shade square

3. Travel Adventures Highway Kit

This kit contains the following: booster cables (8 ft./10-gauge/200 amp), a flashlight, a distress flag, a safety cone, and a tire inflator/sealer. This product is great for roadside emergencies, ensuring that recipients drive with calmer minds to the destinations of their choice.

highway kit

4. Roadster Sticky Pad

This roadster secures cell phones while on the move. It features gel material that helps it attach itself to a console. Count on this useful product to help drivers view maps and other important data while on the move. Safe hands-free driving is what this product strives to promote!

roadester pad holder

5. Value Scraper

A handy product in regions witnessing a lot of snow, this scraper features an ergonomic grip. A hanging hole is present to facilitate easy storage.

ice scraper

6. License Plate Frame 1

This license plate frame is an exciting and novel way to get your brand noticed on the road. This plate is applicable in the following states – AL, AK, AR, CA, CT, FL, IN, KS, MD, MA, MT, NE, NV, NH, NY, NC, ND, OK, SD, UT, VT, VA, WA, and WY. It is packaged in bulk.

licence plate7. Auto Tire Gauge

This product is available with our Free 24 Hour Rush Service – order today and we ship in 24 hours! This gauge allows vehicle owners to measure up to 75 PSI. It features a metal clip and easy-to-read figures on the extendable tip. Watch sales inflate with this handy giveaway!

auto tire gauge

8.  Mesh Folding Chair with Carrying Bag

Made of 600D nylon and mesh, this chair is a handy companion on outdoor trips! It has a strong tubular frame made of steel and can seat a person weighing up to 300 lbs. This product features 2 mesh cup holders and is easy to transport.

mesh folding chair

We hope you found these products useful. Get in touch with us to personalize products beyond your marketing expectations!

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