5 Steps to Create a Lucrative Product Catalog For Business Growth

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Many marketers underestimate the power of catalogs. They wrongly assume that catalogs are relics from the past! Here is a stat that will give catalogs its rightful place in marketing campaigns – 90 million Americans purchased items from catalogs, helping generate $125 billion in annual revenue!

It’s not easy to create catalogs that can inspire potential customers to make multiple purchases from your business. A lot of effort should be put in to ensure that your business comes up with the right catalog. The tips below will help you in this regard.

1. Ask yourself some questions

It’s important to raise the right questions and answer them before you create catalogs for your business. Here are some questions to help you get started:

i. Who is the catalog for?
ii. Is the catalog targeting a specific event or holiday?
iii. What kind of products will you feature in the catalog?

Your answers to these questions will provide you with a healthy platform to create the perfect catalog!

2. Build a personal connection with the target audience

It’s important to personalize the catalog to ensure the intended recipient identifies with it. Help them connect emotionally through useful and catchy one-liners and stats. Also, it’s important to add products that will win the approval of your audience.

3. Hire an experienced photographer

Photographs in the catalog should be of the highest quality. Hire a local photographer, experienced in taking quality pictures of products. The photographer will take pictures in customer-friendly angles that ensure the viewer understands each product’s strengths.

4. Design an attractive catalog that complements your branding requirements

The catalog should be an extension of your branding position. Use colors and design elements that help to strongly reinforce your brand’s credentials. View your catalog as marketing ambassadors of your brand!

5. Focus on multiple ways to distribute catalogs

You could adopt one or all of the following to ensure that catalogs reach a widespread audience:

  • Add catalogs to orders that are being shipped to customers – This will ensure customers find new and exciting ideas for their next order! Sending catalogs to existing customers is the best way to make use of catalogs.
  • Distribute catalogs at events – Give away catalogs at events where a lot of members from your target audience are in attendance!
  • Use catalogs as business cards – Leaving behind catalogs after sales visits or meetings is a great idea to ensure your business isn’t soon forgotten.
  • Send catalogs via Direct Mail – Since most catalogs are compact, they can be easily mailed to potential customers, helping them to make informed buying decisions from the comfort of their homes.

We hope these tips motivate you to opt for catalogs as potent marketing tools. Get in touch with us to learn more about how to use catalogs for your benefit. You can also request a Promo Direct catalog and we will send you one free of charge!

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Susan Smith
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