Ideal Tradeshow Swag Ideas To Impress Attendees

Tradeshows attract a variety of visitors keen on doing business with exhibitors. Each tradeshow has plenty of booths working hard to get the attention of these visitors, though not all of them manage to break through and reach out to potential customers. Successful exhibitors are those who rely on a variety of promotional material to get their message across – tradeshow giveaways or swag play a huge role in helping customers remember your services for a long time after the event.

What should you look for while choosing tradeshow swag?

It’s important to opt for giveaways that are high on utility value. Users should be able to put the giveaways to immediate use, whether it’s at home or at the workplace. What’s more, the giveaways you choose should offer handsome imprint areas to ensure recipients are in full view of your brand wherever these products are used.

Here are some tradeshow swag ideas to help you for the next event:

1. Power Banks

Visitors at tradeshows spend a lot of time on their cell phones taking pictures and attending to calls. They will have used up a good percentage of their phone’s battery by lunchtime! It’s situations like this where mobile chargers come in handy. A sturdy and quick charging power bank will do a great job as a giveaway, helping recipients remember your brand often.

power bank

Recommended Power Banks: Power Bank Accessory Kit, Charge-On UL Listed Power Bank, and Slim Credit Card Power Bank.

2. Umbrellas

Umbrellas have quality imprint areas that can showcase a brand’s message in style. Invest in umbrellas as giveaways, especially if you live in a region where rain makes frequent yet surprise appearances. A sturdy umbrella will be appreciated and used more often than you would imagine!

auto open umbrella

Recommended Umbrellas: 42″ Arc Telescopic Umbrella, 36″ Arc Telescopic Folding Automatic Umbrella, and 44″ Expressions Auto Open Umbrella.

3. T-shirts

Easily ranked among the world’s most preferred giveaways, t-shirts can do a great job of introducing a new product or brand at events. Opt for colorful tees with a clear message promoting your brand. This way, your brand will be highlighted around town wherever recipients go!

cotton t-shirt

Recommended T-shirts: Hanes® T-Shirt 50/50 (Colored), Port & Company® 5.4 oz. Cotton T-Shirt, and  Hanes® Colored 100% Beefy-T

4. Yummy treats

Invest in delicious treats to create a positive first impression at your booth! The yummy treats available in our inventory will win every visitor’s approval!

rectangular cookie

Recommended Treats include Rectangle Cookie,  Chocolate Butterscotch Coconut Brownie, and Hot Chocolate on a Spoon – Belgian Milk Chocolate.

5. Mugs

Mugs are useful, desirable, and attractive. The visually appealing ones are capable of being used for years! Get your logo imprinted on our sturdy mugs today.

ceramic mug

Recommended mugs include 16 oz. Silver Streak Tumbler, 14 oz. Kona Ceramic Mug , and 11 oz. Ceramic Budget Mug.

Did you find this article useful? Use it to make sure your brand gets noticed in a big way at the next event. Get in touch with us if you need more tradeshow giveaway ideas and we will gladly be of assistance.

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