8 Promotion Tips For A Successful Musical Concert

how to promote musical event

Newbie organizers often find it difficult to make a musical event or concert a success. They fail to understand the importance of timely promotions for such events. There is a need to ensure an upcoming event generates high anticipatory interest among the target audience. This can be achieved only through careful planning that begins months in advance.

The tips mentioned below are aimed at newbie organizers handling small to medium-sized gigs:

1. Collect all material pertaining to the performing band

Who is going to perform at your event? It doesn’t matter if the performer is an accomplished star or a newbie – it’s important to collect band bios, promo CDs, and posters for the show. If the band is new, create material that will help to highlight the band in a positive light.

2. Create a promo package with the material collected in tip #1

Reach out to local radio stations and newspapers with a promo package that highlight the gig. Provide details of timings, location, and ticket prices for the show.

3. Send out press releases

A couple of press releases at timely intervals can do a good job of making people sit up and take notice of your event. The first press release should introduce the event and can be published a few months in advance. A couple of more press releases can focus on different aspects of the event, including the performing band, location, and ticket prices.

4. Advertise in local gig guides

Make sure your event is listed in local gig guides. Seek gig guides that are frequently visited by music enthusiasts in your area. Approach them and ensure they list your event!

5. Launch a social media campaign

Highlight the event on Facebook and Twitter with creative posts. Launch contests and give away free tickets as prizes! Many followers will send in their requests – make sure your social media team responds to all of them in a timely manner!

6. Ask the band to do some innovative promotions of their own

It’s important that the band gets noticed around town before the gig. The band should be encouraged to become active on social media where they can share live recordings and other interesting material for listeners. This way, they will be able to strike a chord with potential attendees long before the event commences.

7. Send catchy emailers

Buy mailing lists and send creative emailers that highlight the event in a big way. These emailers should be sent at least a month before the actual event so that interest in the event builds up. Make sure the emailer is high on creativity without any traces of spamming.

8. Invest in promotional items

Giving away imprinted t-shirts, caps or bags at malls and other frequently visited places is a great idea to ensure higher visibility for the event. You can get in touch with us to learn more about the kind of merchandise that will suit your promotional efforts.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, there are several other factors that should be taken into consideration. Foremost among these is to ensure that permissions to host the event are in place. Also, it’s important to ensure that proper arrangements are made to manage the audience.

We wish you a lot of success for the event!

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