All You Need To Know About Promotional Product Samples

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A promotional product sample helps buyers make the right decision before placing a bulk order for marketing merchandise. It serves as a “Try Before You Buy” philosophy that helps eliminate any concern the buyer will have regarding quality, size or color of the product. At Promo Direct, we offer free samples for a variety of products, from pens to mugs and stress relievers!

How exactly does a sample help a prospective customer?

A sample goes a long way to ensure orders are finalized. Companies selling promotional merchandise consider them as economical facilitators that help close orders with products in large quantities. The following are ways in which a sample can help buyers make an informed purchasing decision:

1. Gets rid of unfamiliarity
Some buyers will be wary of opting for a new product because they are not familiar with it. A willingness to provide a sample removes that sense of unfamiliarity.

2. Testing the product
This is an extension of the first point. A sample helps the prospective buyer test the product extensively, providing them with realistic answers to their valid questions.

“How well does this pen write?”
“How strong is this bag?”
“What does it feel like to hold a particular mug?”

A sample answers a lot of valuable questions that helps the buyer understand more about the product.

3. Comparing products
There may be times when customers are unsure of the kind of product they should go for. For example, the confusion could be about two pens. In this scenario, it is ideal to get a sample of each pen before deciding on which product to choose.

4. Finalizing a color
Some buyers end up confused about which product color to go for. This confusion is legitimate since most products have wonderful colors to choose from! A sample representing two product colors will help buyers pick the right color for their order.

5. Understanding how the logo looks on the final product
A lot of buyers are conscious about how their logo will look on the final product. A sample will help them feel secure in their decision.

How to order a sample?

Most promotional product companies have different policies regarding samples. But one thing is common – an effort to prevent misuse of samples. Promotional companies deal with a lot of bogus sample requests requiring them to monitor all requests!

At Promo Direct, we offer registered customers 2 samples free of cost, up to $10 per order. A credit card will be required for sample requests costing more than $10. Most of our samples are either blank or available with random logos. We also send a sample with the prospective buyer’s logo based on the order’s merit.

You can request a sample directly on any product page or by giving our Account Representatives a call at 1-800-748-6150.

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