Conquer the Outdoors: How to Promote Your Business at Outdoor Events

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Summer is the time to enjoy everything the outdoors have to offer. And that’s why summer months are filled with festivals, sporting events, fairs, concerts, and more! Regardless of the nature of your business, outdoor events are great opportunities to grow your customer base and boost brand awareness. If it’s your first time doing event marketing, then you’ll first need to decide which events you want to participate in.

For example, if you’re a restaurant owner, a food festival will be a natural choice. Similarly, a local gym can co-sponsor a marathon, and so on. However, it is likely that even your competitors will be present at these events. Which makes promoting your business crucial to gain your prospects’ attention.

Here are some ways to promote your business at an outdoor event:

Make Your Tent or Booth Stand Out

Unless you set yourself apart, you’ll be just another face in the crowd. You can erect an attractive customized tent canopy and use an effective table cover to give your booth a professional look. Use bright colors that will grab attention even from afar. If your setup is appealing, visitors will approach your booth to see what you’re offering.

Help Attendees Feel Comfortable

While summer is great for enjoying the outdoors, you cannot forget the blazing summer heat that comes with it. Offer attendees cold water or refreshments in logoed cups while they are in your tent. You can also consider giving away outdoor promotional products like handheld fans, tumblers, sunscreen, or caps. If your tent helps attendees beat the heat, it will give you a chance to talk to them about your business.

logoed cups   caps

Arrange Fun Activities

Once you’ve made sure that attendees have entered the booth, you need to focus on keeping them engaged. You can come up with in-booth activities related to your business. For example, a restaurant owner can have a ‘guess the ingredient’ game at the booth.

You can also ask visitors to leave their business cards for a chance to win a voucher or discount to shop at your store. Consider giving away outdoor promotional products like flyers and beach balls imprinted with your logo to remind them of the fun they had at your booth.

flyers     beach balls

Let Attendees Try Your Product or Service

If people don’t know your brand or if it isn’t recommended by someone they know, it is unlikely that they will try your brand. Booths and tents at outdoor events give you a great opportunity to demonstrate your product or service. If you own a spa and massage center, you can offer a 5-minute massage. Similarly, a gym owner can offer a 1-week trial coupon for their gym.

Outdoor events are great opportunities for businesses to meet prospects in person and build new relationships. We hope these tips will help to successfully promote your business at the next outdoor event near you. Promo Direct offers a wide range of outdoor promotional products to choose from. Feel free to browse through our collection or contact our team for assistance.

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