Why It’s A Good Idea To Associate Your Brand With BIC Products

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We live in a world dominated by marketing efforts. Look around and you will probably see ads staring at you right from the moment you get up in the morning! You will find ads in the newspaper, on TV or on streets while driving to work!

It’s time you went the extra mile to keep the target audience hooked to your business.

With promotional products, you have reliable marketing allies that can help you reach out to target audiences in a tangible and economical way. A lot of giveaways offered on our site belong to reputed brands such as Nike and Adidas. This article is dedicated to highlighting the marketing usefulness of another hugely popular brand – BIC.

Here are some compelling reasons that will motivate you to choose BIC promotional products to highlight your brand.

1. BIC has an amazing legacy

BIC is a French company that has a long and illustrious history. It was founded in 1945 by Marcel Bich and Edouard Buffard. The initial goal of the company was to produce writing instruments. Of course, the company has grown to include a variety of popular disposable consumer products that include lighters and razors!

Today, BIC is ranked #1 for stationery products in Europe and #2 in the US. BIC is also the #1 stationery brand in India and several Latin American countries.

2. BIC has tremendous brand recall value

BIC products are memorable and are not forgotten in a hurry! By associating with BIC products, your marketing campaign will reach new heights while your brand gets quality visibility!

3. BIC products are eye-catching!

BIC products are attractive and easy on the eyes. People love receiving them as gifts! The attractive colors and beautiful shapes ensure people won’t get rid of them anytime soon. And it’s a great feeling to have your logo and message imprinted on BIC pens!

Some recommended BIC products include BIC Intensity Clic Gel, Bic® Grip Roller, and Bic® 4″ x 3″Notepads 50 Sheets.

4. BIC is powered by innovative technology!

BIC pens feature the latest technology that ensure they are a pleasure to write with. Users love the grip offered by BIC pens. They also love the fact that BIC pens are writing giants that can last for a long time!

5. BIC products are hugely economical

Check out our range of personalized BIC pens, lighters, and notepads – most of them are available for less than a dollar! This ensures you can have an impact-filled marketing campaign at a minimal cost.

6. BIC is available at Promo Direct with a lot of special offers!

Here are the offers associated with our BIC products.

a. Free Set-Up
b. Free 24 Hour Service
c. Free UPS Ground Shipping

All this point to one thing – amazing deals and savings!

We hope this article convinces you about the marketing potential BIC can offer to your brand. We recommend you check out our range of BIC products and place your order soon! We look forward to personalizing your order!

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