How to Use Promotional Products to Amplify Brand Awareness


This article is aimed at educating marketers who have little or no experience dealing with promotional products. For some readers, promotional products may have served up a bad marketing experience, while others haven’t yet realized the true potential of promo products as marketing tools. This article explains how exactly promotional products can be used to spread awareness about a brand.

Opt for promotional products in any of the following avatars:

1. As Tradeshow Swag

This is the most popular reason for investing in promotional items. People love receiving freebies! A lot of businesses invest in giveaways to ensure attendees at trade shows and events don’t return empty-handed.

2.  As Marketing Tools

Giveaways are unique because they have high utility value and can be used immediately. This helps recipients remember the advertiser for a long period of time. We recommend you choose a product that is relevant and useful for your target audience.

3. As Brand Reminders

Our range of office giveaways will find pride of place on desks and cabinets, ensuring that recipients and passersby view your logo all throughout the day. Calendars, paperweights and pens are examples of products that serve as great brand reminders.

4. As Modern Business Cards

There are many products in our inventory that double up as business cards. One example is the Glow In The Dark Business Card Magnet, which serves as a great alternative and fun business card.

5. As Appreciation Gifts

A box of chocolates or a pen can serve as a handy appreciation gift. Show employees and customers you care by giving appreciation gifts on a regular basis! This will help you fight attrition rates by retaining employees. At the same time, you will be able to retain clients for the long-term.

6. As Charity Enablers

Sponsor an event in the local community or distribute goodies at charity organizations. You can also showcase the humane side of your business by taking part in awareness campaigns that benefit the community. This will help your business win the goodwill of people in the area where your business is based.

7. As Employee Incentives

Use our range of giveaways to highlight an employee’s contribution to the business. Launch an awards ceremony and use any of our exciting products as rewards. This will help motivate deserving employees, encouraging them to better contribute to the organization.

8. As Alternatives for Discounts

A retail store can offer a giveaway imprinted with a logo, such as a pen or key tag, as a discount item along with an actual product. The goal is to provide buyers with more value for every purchase.

We hope this article helps you choose promotional products as potent marketing tools! Place your order or get in touch with us if you need any insights for your next marketing campaign!

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