9 Giveaways For June’s National Safety Month


For many years, hundreds of businesses have eagerly observed National Safety Month in June. They strongly connect with the idea of spreading safety awareness. The resultant boost in customer goodwill and brand visibility during safety-based campaigns, are hugely beneficial to businesses.

National Safety Month educates people on how to reduce their chances of injury/death at the workplace or at home. Most businesses distribute promotional safety wear that helps to highlight the importance of staying safe. This article features 9 such products popular with our buyers.

1. Reflective Vest

This one size Reflective Vest fits all vest features a zippered pouch. It also has two horizontal reflective bands to keep wearers safe in the dark. Your imprinted logo will be featured on the pouch.

national safety month giveaways

2. Auto Safety Kit

This auto safety kit is the perfect driving companion. It comes packed with handy resources that include jumper cables, a tire gauge, gloves, an ice scraper, screwdrivers, a poncho, an SOS banner, a flashlight and an emergency cone. A First Aid kit is present as well. This product is a meaningful investment that will be warmly received by customers and employees. A reflective band is present on the kit.

auto safety kit for safety month

3. Safety Shoe Light

This safety shoe with light will help runners and hikers stay safe in the dark. It can easily attach to the back of a shoe and emits light at the click of a button. Made of polypropylene plastic, this durable product can serve your brand for years.

safety shoes for june

4. Bar Bright Safety Light

This bar bright safety light is powered by 5 LEDs. It is waterproof and comes with several flashing light features. This product comes packed in a white box along with an instruction card. Four AAA batteries are included.

bar bright for safety june month

5. Buckle Up for Safety Coloring Book

This safety coloring book is a wonderful gift for kids. It features coloring pages with storylines that can teach kids the value of using seat belts in cars. The creative characters are easy to identify with. There are several games such as word scramble, word search and even a joke page. The unique cover illustration adds to the book’s appeal.

child safey gifts

6. Flash Teaches Fire Safety

Here is another fire safety coloring book worthy of your attention. It provides valuable lessons on fire safety. Help kids stay safe with this fun-filled book!

fire safety giveaways

7. Fluorescent Safety Cap

This polyester cap features a Velcro strap for a comfortable fit. It is sturdy and made of high-quality material for a long-lasting finish. This fluorescent safety cap can be worn at construction sites or places that require a lot of precaution.

cap for june month safety

8. Auto Safety Tool

This auto safety tool is a must in vehicles. It is sharp enough to slice through seat belts and can shatter glass easily. It has a hook and loop attachment that will ensure it can be conveniently placed in vehicles.

auto tool for june safety month

9. StaySafe Waterproof First Aid Kit

This waterproof first aid kit is packed with essentials! It contains 5 large bandages, 4 alcohol pads, a PBT bandage, a triangular bandage, a non-woven pad, safety pins, tape and scissors. This product comes in a waterproof case and has a lanyard for convenient movement.

first aid kits for june safety month

We hope you find these products useful. Get in touch with us to personalize them for National Safety Month. Our friendly team will also help you with any marketing questions you may have.

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