7 Tips for an Efficient Video Marketing Strategy

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Most businesses realize the importance of videos as a potent marketing channel. And they are willing to spend resources on making promotional videos. Unfortunately, most videos are amateurishly made because not much planning went into how the video will serve the business.

This article will provide you with the necessary tips to prepare the perfect video marketing strategy.

1. Determine what kind of videos you should produce

Let’s face it , a video marketing strategy will require your team to churn out quality viewing material that ensures viewers sit up and take notice of your brand.

So, think hard about the kind of videos your business should be associated with. For example, you could start with a video that explains your services. Or dive straight into videos that provide a lot of fun, humor or emotional content. The key would be to immediately connect with your target audience.

2. Determine the frequency of videos you will be producing

Does your business have the necessary talent to produce, let’s say, at least one video per month? If yes, you can proceed to the next tip. If your answer is no, you will have to recruit a quality video expert and a content writer for your business.

3. Finalize a video marketing budget

Most businesses think that it costs a great deal to produce videos. Having a video expert on your team will ensure that costs are brought down to a minimum through usage of the right production techniques. Arriving at the right budget is the first step to ensure video creation is done in a controlled and efficient manner.

4. Tell your story in the shortest time possible

It’s important to keep your video short and simple. Viewers have limited attention spans. Your video should start with a bang and hold the viewer’s attention until the end! This is essential for your video to become viral and accepted by a widespread audience.

5. Decide where you want to showcase these videos

You could opt to upload newly-created videos on your primary site, YouTube and social media profiles. It is important to ensure the video goes viral so that you gain maximum return on investment with each video.

6. Have a call to action in each video

A viewer who reaches the end of your video should be provided with a call to action (CTA). The CTA should invite them to visit a product page or a case study/whitepaper. This allows you to have a certain degree of control over what you expect viewers to do after seeing your videos.

7. Measure performance of each video

How has your video performed? It’s important to measure analytics to ensure each video matches your expectations. Use these stats to understand the right ingredients to make videos that are embraced by your target audience. Also, rely on stats to discard ideas that don’t work well.

We hope this article helps you produce meaningful videos that connect with your target audience.

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