8 Stress Relieving Products For Your Marketing Campaigns


It’s difficult to find employees who don’t face some form of stress at work. How well are employees or colleagues at your office coping with stress? Are they able to handle it well and rise above expectations? This article features a list of stress relieving products that can help add some calm to employees’ minds.

These products do a great job of fighting stress. Buy one or more of them to win the attention of employees. Clients will find them useful as well!

1.  Tangle® Matrix Stress Reliever

This new type of stress reliever ensures its recipients become calmer and more tolerant of the environment they are in. It can be bent, twisted or bounced! What’s more, it’s perfect to hand out at the office or trade show.

2.    2-Tone Kick Sack 

This bean-filled vinyl kick sack is great to use as a stress reliever, for playing hackey sack or juggling. This product offers immense visual appeal, so count on users and passersby getting attracted by it!

imprinted kick sack

3.  Zen Essentials Set

This set comes with an aromatherapy candle, an essential oil in roller bottle, bath salts and a bar soap. All of them come in a great bag that’s convenient to distribute. Choose from any of the following scents: Immunity, Focus, Karma, Exhale, Cloud 9, Invigorate, Peppermint, Tranquility, Lemon and Lavender. Ask us if you are confused as to which scent to choose!

promotional gift set

4.  Plush Gel Beads Hot/Cold Eye Mask

This therapeutic eye mask help soothes tired or puffy eyes. Featuring a soft plush material on the back, one can microwave or freeze it for a relaxing hot or cold therapy. This all-purpose wrap will make a thoughtful gift idea for your employees and clients.

imprinted cold eye mask

5. Hues of Happiness Coloring Book (Flowers)

This adult coloring book features 12 beautiful images of flowers. Each flower is accompanied by an inspirational message. The velvet stock paper ensures that the finished images can be framed and hung on the wall as works of art! Apart from flowers, you can also choose coloring books with animals or birds.

promotional happiness book

6.  Holiday Candle Set

This set comes with 2 apothecary jars featuring scented candles. It is a great product that allows you to choose from the following fragrances: Cranberry Spice (Red), Plum Brandy (Blue), Frosted Pinecone (Green) and Cinnamon Sugar (White).

promotional candle set

7.   Smiley Guy Mobile Device Holder

This is no ordinary stress reliever! It can be used to hold and secure mobile devices! This product is great for gadget enthusiasts and can bring a smile to the face of its users. Made of polyurethane, this stress reliever can be easily squeezed to fight off unwanted stress.

smiley guy phone holder

8.   Feel Great Talking Stress Reliever

This product will please your recipient’s taste buds in the best manner possible! It is a pack of 6 Oreo® cookies covered in 3 kinds of chocolate – White, Dark and Milk.

customized talking stress reliever

Apart from the products mentioned on this list, you can also opt for conventional stress relievers that come in various shapes and sizes. Our promotional stress balls, in particular, have always been a big marketing hit with buyers. Get in touch with us if you need help choosing the right product!

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