5 Super Bowl Marketing Lessons To Boost Your Business

super bowl marketing

There is no doubt about the high dose of creativity associated with Super Bowl ads! Each ad lasts an average of 30 to 60 seconds but can have an impact that remains for years! The efforts put into each ad are immense and can serve as great lessons for businesses.

Go through the 5 Super Bowl marketing lessons listed below to achieve advertising greatness!

1. Your marketing efforts should utilize the strength of different communication channels

Super Bowl advertisers have evolved in their marketing strategies through the years. They don’t just rely on commercials to engage with the audience. They have a strong backup system that involves content for social media and handheld devices. Contests and other timely released articles ensure that the ad stays in memory for a long time.

Your business should focus on a combination of communication channels to get your message across. Use social media, emails, trade shows and other channels relevant to your business to spread the word.

2. Focus on building an emotional connection

Look at recent Super Bowl ads and you will notice that a lot of them tug at the viewers’ heartstrings. Ads that trigger nostalgia will definitely ensure marketing campaigns do well.  A personal favorite is the #RealStrength ad by Dove.

You can adopt a print or digital strategy that helps build an emotional bond with followers. This ensures you win their hearts in quick time!

3. Never ignore the power of humor!

Remember Heinz’ #MeettheKetchups ad? It ranks among the funniest ever! And it won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Add humor to your marketing campaigns if you wish to engage more with your target audience. Get a quality designer and copywriter to create funny posts on social media that will trigger viral shares, giving your brand widespread attention.

4. Focus on your target audience

One aspect of Super Bowl ads is how the target audience sits up and takes notice of products highlighted. This is because beneath all the creativity is an ad with a message that reaches the target audience.

Budweiser’s ‘Brewed The Hard Way’ focuses entirely on showcasing the product’s strengths and is aimed at ensuring the target audience finds it difficult to ignore.

5. Your marketing campaign shouldn’t fade away quickly

Popular Super Bowl ads are never forgotten. The Internet keeps highlighting them year after year. And YouTube does a fabulous job of ensuring viewers can watch them again and again!

Your marketing goal should be to create ads that remain in public memory for a long time. A lot of months should be devoted towards ensuring your team comes up with the right marketing strategy. Of course, it will be difficult to come up with a strategy as effective as Super Bowl ads. You could, however, launch campaigns that are well within your company’s capabilities. Invest in giveaways, launch fun-filled contests or announce prizes for early buyers of your newly launched products.

We hope you found these marketing lessons useful. Look closely and you will realize that they are simple and easy to follow – sit with your team and ensure you instill these traits in your campaign as well!

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