6 Tips to Plan a Successful Seasonal Marketing Campaign

Planning a marketing strategy based on calendar events is a great way to strengthen your brand’s position in the industry. You can use seasonal events as a platform to appreciate employees, spread awareness about a cause and thank loyal customers!

This article provides some quick tips to help you put together a great seasonal campaign!

1.    Choose Events Logically 

It is essential that you create a seasonal marketing editorial to map out your marketing strategy. You can download the observances and holidays infographic for each month and use it to roll out an organized seasonal campaign.

Also, not every holiday or event may apply to you.  You need to select holidays that resonate with your target audience and accordingly, develop a logical marketing plan.  For example, if you are in the medical field, capitalize on events such as American Heart Month, American Red Cross Month and Cancer Control Month.

2.    Make an Early Start

Plan your seasonal marketing campaign well in advance of each event. Consider what discounts or giveaways you will offer during that time. You also need to gather marketing materials at least a month before the actual event to avoid last minute hassles.

Think about the best ways to spread your company’s message as it will help your brand stand out. Preparedness and timing are crucial elements that make seasonal marketing a success!

3.    Hand Out Giveaways

Incorporating promotional products in your seasonal marketing campaigns can help boost your brand’s visibility. Consider distributing promotional items such as pens, travel mugs, keychains, notepads or USBs imprinted with your logo.  Every time recipients use your promotional giveaways, they will be reminded of your brand.

You may even choose a product that goes well with the theme of the event. For instance, a custom pedometer or stress reliever toy makes a thoughtful and fitting giveaway during World Heart Day. It’s a great way to remind people to take care of their heart health and ensure maximum visibility for your brand at the same time.

4.    Create Banners and Ad Campaigns 

Upload seasonal event-specific banners on your website and social media pages more frequently. It will help attract the attention of your target audience to your brand.

You may also create a landing page for pay-per-click campaigns that revolve around an event. This will not only help boost traffic to your website but also communicate the message that your brand is up-to-date and relevant.

5.    Leverage the Power of Blogging and Social Media

Use social media and blogs to inform the target audience about your participation in upcoming trade shows, fundraisers and other events. Publish posts, send out emails and run contests regarding holiday campaigns on social media sites. It will help generate genuine customer engagement.

Your audience will feel more connected to your brand and inclined to seek your services or make purchases from you. To get the best results from blogs, emails, and social media sites, make sure that your message is consistent across all these channels.

6.    Analyze the Effectiveness of Earlier Campaigns

By assessing the performance of last year’s campaigns you can get a great deal of insight on what resulted in the largest lifts, and what will work this time around. Analyze which campaigns were most effective.

If you didn’t get expected results from a particular platform last year, then change or adjust your strategy. The key is to manage your marketing investment and use it to improve the outcome of your seasonal campaign.

Seasonal marketing can have great results for your brand if you choose the events carefully and execute them with thought. We hope you use these tips and make the most of special observances and seasonal events!

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