Preparing Your Business For The Launch Of A Store Or Brand

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The launch of a store or brand is a huge moment for everyone involved. This is because months or years are devoted to ensuring that a venture sees the light of day. It goes without saying that a new venture deserves a grand opening to ensure people sit up and take notice of the business – but this depends purely on the budget available.

A lot of businesses devote a chunk of their financial resources to develop the brand or store, and then they are left with little or no money to fund their venture’s launch. A little bit of planning from the beginning will ensure this situation is avoided.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with the necessary insights to launch your business with a bang!

1. Conceptualize the launch while you are developing the new brand

The right launch can give your brand an amazing marketing push! On the other hand, a sober launch will ensure you are struggling to get customers to acknowledge your brand. Get an employee to study marketing launch campaigns done by competitors. Understand the marketing tactics that helped competitors strike a chord with the audience – adopt these tactics so that you get to influence the same target audience efficiently!

2. Set aside a budget right from the start

It is important to set aside an amount to ensure you have a grand opening. For example, a sum of $5000 can do wonders to kick-start your store’s launch. Most businesses consider devoting 20% of their expected yearly sales to have a formidable launch. How much are you expecting in yearly sales? You could make a guess and devote 20% of that amount towards a launch event.

3. Ideas for a great launch

Check online and you will find plenty of ideas for an upcoming launch. We have summarized some of the proven ones below:

i. Get personalized signage

Invest in attractive signage and place them outside your store or office. Consider billboards, balloons and other inflatables for the launch. Passersby will stop to have a closer look at the signage. They might step into your facility if they are interested in the services you seek to launch.

ii. Announce a launch party

Host a launch party and invite potential customers from your target audience. Make sure you send out emails to a mailing list featuring relevant IDs. This will ensure people take note of your party. Announce complimentary food and drinks to ensure good attendance.

iii. Launch contests on your social media profiles

Build interest in your new business with exciting contests on Facebook and Twitter. Paid ads on Facebook will ensure you get noticed by a widespread online audience.

iv. Distribute attractive flyers around town!

A good-looking flyer doesn’t cost a fortune to print! You can print thousands of them for a few hundred dollars. Distribute them at important landmarks near your office.

v. Purchase exciting promotional products

Invest in useful and long-lasting giveaways to ensure potential customers never forget you! Distribute these giveaways among people who visit your office during the launch. You could also distribute them at marketing events.

vi. Associate your business with a popular local event or campaign

Is there an event or social awareness campaign that local people hold close to their hearts? You could be a part of the sponsors to show your support. This way, you will earn a lot of goodwill from the local community, ensuring that the impending launch of your business is more warmly received.

We hope this article helps you plan a launch in a compelling fashion. Get in touch with us for giveaways or promotional marketing ideas and we will be glad to be of help! We look forward to serving your new venture soon!

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