4 Steps To Make New Year’s Resolutions For Your Business

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We have finally entered 2017!

Most people are eager to know what the new year holds for them. Many have made resolutions and hope to make huge strides in realizing their goals. As you already know, resolutions are hard to keep, people struggle to stick to them beyond a couple of days!

Let’s try a twist. What if resolutions are made for companies? How would it feel to jointly pursue a set of resolutions to boost productivity at the workplace? This article provides you with a 4-step formula to make resolutions that can help your company excel in 2017 and beyond!

Step 1: Finalize a team of trustworthy employees

It’s important to shortlist employees who can brainstorm and contribute towards the company’s growth. Make sure you include positive-minded people who witnessed the company’s growth through the years.

Schedule a meeting at a time when every member is available.

Step 2: Analyze the year that passed by

The agenda of the meeting should be to thoroughly analyze the company’s growth in 2016. What were the positive stories? What were the failures and what steps were made to rectify them?

Prepare a list of action items that will ensure mistakes committed in 2016 are not repeated in 2017.

Step 3: Set goals for 2017

The goals can be divided into categories like the ones below:

i. Project-exclusive exercises

There is always room for improvement in projects or the services you offer. What positive changes can you bring about in 2017? Each project or service is special so you will need to create unique goals for each team.

ii. Team bonding exercises

Every project needs quality contribution from each team member. There are times when some members don’t contribute as required. This results in slowing down of the project’s progress. It’s important for a company to ensure every member in a team is comfortable with each other. Let 2017 be the year that redefines employee bonding dynamics!

iii. Training exercises

Every year brings with it newer software and processes. It’s important that employees are provided with adequate training opportunities so that they don’t lag behind their peers in the industry. Proper training will ensure employees are more equipped to take on challenges thrown at them!

iv. Healthy living exercises

Most offices have employees working long hours to meet upcoming deadlines. This often leads to the onset of stress, obesity and other lifestyle-related ailments. An unhealthy employee can find it difficult to work at his or her best. He/she may struggle to focus at work, leading to higher unproductivity rates.

The solution is to encourage employees to take small “walking breaks” around the office. A couple of 10-minute walking break slots spread during the course of the day will do wonders to rejuvenate employees!

v. Cleaning exercises

A lot of offices are like war zones with workstations that look like they have been untidy for years! It’s time to set things in order! Allocate a 15-minute slot every week for employees to organize their workstations. Workplaces with neat and well-organized desks help promote productivity. Visitors will be pleased as well!

Step 4: Ensuring that resolutions are kept

The goals mentioned in Step 3 are pretty straightforward and will help your company move ahead in the right direction. You can have your own twists to these resolutions to meet your company’s unique requirements. You can also add performance-related goals to ensure each employee puts in their best!

The easiest way to ensure resolutions are kept is by offering incentives. Set up a committee of 2 to 3 members and let them monitor the progress made in 2017. Are employees getting more productive? Have these resolutions helped the company in any way? These are some of the questions the committee will have answers to.

Did you find this article interesting? Use it as a template for a fabulous 2017! We wish you a hugely productive New Year!

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  1. Quite simple but effective ways you shared. Since time is gone to make new year resolutions but as we always say it’s never late to do what’s better for us, so gonna try this out as I need it for my business.

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