6 Of The Best Swag Ideas For Your Next Conference or Event

swag idea for events

Conferences are great opportunities to build your network, stay up-to-date with industry trends and learn something new. Boost your company’s presence at events with some awesome swag to win the trust of attendees!

‘Swag’ refers to free giveaways that feature a company’s logo and message. It is the perfect way to surprise and delight attendees at events. A good promotional item looks cool, is useful, and makes your brand linger in the receiver’s mind even after they go home.

Here are some great swag ideas you can use at your next conference or event:

1. Power Banks

Attendees use cell phones a lot during events. They are either checking e-mails, posting updates on social media, on calls or texting. It is likely that their phones will run out of juice by lunchtime. If you give away a power bank, they will use it that day, and are more likely to remember you for a long time.

power bank

By giving out promotional power banks, you come across as a thoughtful brand, and we’re sure that every attendee will love you for it. Moreover, they can use these handy giveaways wherever they go, keeping your brand in sight for a long time.

2. Seasonal Items

Since most companies use promotional items that can be used throughout the year, a seasonal giveaway will be a pleasant change for the attendees. If your conference is just before the rainy season, then you can give away promotional umbrellas, raincoats or waterproof phone cases. Similarly, for a summer conference at a beach location, towels, frisbees and flip-flops would work well. Such giveaways will make your brand stand out and help you gain exposure.

arch umbrella3. T-shirts

Promotional t-shirts with cool designs or catchy quotes are immensely popular as giveaways. They are great for marketing as they are budget-friendly, easy-to-produce and offer brand exposure even after the event is over. Their versatility makes them one of the most perfect giveaway choices for conferences.

custom t-shirts

4.  Mediations Coloring Book (Birds)

Coloring books for adults are gaining popularity lately. Count on them to create positive buzz for your brand! These coloring books help reduce stress and are great icebreakers.​​ You can choose from themes like birds, flowers, and animals.

coloring books of birds

5. High-quality Diaries/Planners

While office-related swag may not be the most fun giveaways, premium diaries are highly sought-after promo items. Products like Abruzzo Padfolio are perfect for conferences and meetings as they have separate sections for holding a pen, cell phone, flash drive and documents. Planners and diaries will be used by the recipient for a long time and give your brand the exposure it deserves.

custom logo abruzzo padf

6. Eco-friendly Products

Over the years, people have become increasingly environmentally conscious. Brands that possess an eco-friendly image can generate goodwill and become the preferred choice of consumers. Using eco-friendly promotional items at your conference or seminar is a quick way to develop a favorable opinion from your customers. Tote bags, notebooks, cardboard pens, stainless steel bottles are some of the popular eco-friendly swag choices.

flask gift

Remember, giveaways that aren’t useful will be forgotten soon and find themselves in the nearest trash bin. Another thing to keep in mind is that at conferences, attendees will not want to deal with something bulky while rushing from one session to another. So, make sure your free swag is light and easy to travel with. Feel free to contact us if you need help finding the perfect swag that will make a difference for your brand.

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