Best Healthcare Promotional Products to Promote Winter Wellness at Work

Promote Winter Wellness at Work

A lot of organizations witness a rise in absenteeism during the winter months. The main cause can be attributed to ailments such as the common cold and flu. Employees have no choice but to stay at home and recover to avoid an office-wide epidemic. Absenteeism is a cause for worry because productivity takes a hit with managers struggling to meet project deadlines.

You can promote winter wellness at work and cut back on losses caused due to absenteeism. Here are some healthcare promotional items that will provide employees with the right tools to remain healthy during the winter:

USB Humidifiers


Winter months are dry and cause many problems like dry skin, cracked lips and increased airborne infections. A humidifier releases water vapor into the air, increasing the room’s humidity level. By doing so, such winter ailments can be prevented.

A portable USB bottle humidifier is the perfect office giveaway as it can comfortably sit on a desk and combat dust and airborne microbes. Since it’s powered by a micro USB cable, it can be used in cars or any other indoor setting, keeping your employees healthy wherever they are. Moreover, it will let them know that you care about their well-being.

Hand Sanitizers

hand sanitizer blue

The cold weather tends to wear down your immune system, making you susceptible to bacteria and viruses around you. Using a hand sanitizer eradicates most microorganisms and keeps you safe from opportunistic infections.

Giving away a hand sanitizer imprinted with your logo makes it easier to keep hands clean. If your employees are usually on-the-go, then a clipped sanitizer will be useful.


Lip Balms


Chapped and dry lips are a common problem during the winter. Using a lip balm is the perfect way to prevent them from drying out.

A lip balm moisturizes the lips and helps them heal faster while making them look supple. Not only will gifting logoed lip balms generate goodwill among employees but also gives your brand exposure every time it is used.


During the winter, the moisture in the air drastically reduces and as a result, your skin becomes significantly drier. Dry skin causes flaking, itching, rashes and even an increase in aging lines. Moisturizers can do a good job of hydrating the skin and will be well received by employees.

Disposable Tissues


Disposable tissues are one of the most economical healthcare promotional products to promote winter wellness. You can stop the spread of sniffles by giving away logoed tissue packs to your employees.

You can choose from a fancy tissue box with attractive artwork or a simpler tissue pack as per your budget.

pill box blue


Regardless of the precautions you take, some employees are bound to fall victim to the flu. While you can’t always prevent it, you can surely help them on their way to a speedy recovery with a 7-day pillbox. This promotional giveaway makes it easier to remember the daily medication dose. Moreover, it can be used throughout the year, keeping your brand in sight for a long time.

So, take the right steps to keep your workforce healthy by using these great giveaways. Feel free to tell us which healthcare promotional products you use to promote winter wellness at your workplace in the comments below.

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