10 Best Articles of 2016

top blog posts of 2016

What a year it’s been! Last year, we posted plenty of helpful marketing articles for all our fellow marketers out there. We are proud to present a list of posts which were read and shared the most in 2016. Check them out in case you’ve missed any!

1. All You Need To Know About Screen Printing!

Screen printing has been associated with the promotional products industry for many decades. The imprint output offered by screen printing is clear, durable and can last years without fading. Read this post for everything you’ll need to know about screen printing.

screen printing

2. Building Brand Recognition at Trade Shows – Infographic

Trade shows offer an opportunity for businesses to enhance brand recognition, generate leads and promote the company in one location. This infographic shows how you can build brand recognition at tradeshows.

Building Brand Recognition at Trade Shows

3. 8 Questions to Prepare the Perfect Email Marketing Strategy

E-mail is one of the most effective and economical marketing channels used today. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t get email marketing right. This article implores you to ask yourself 8 questions that will help you create an email marketing strategy that promises results.

email marketing stragegy

4. Getting Acquainted With The 7 Types Of Plastic

There are different types of plastics, each with their specific use and recyclability. Read this article to know which type of recyclable plastic you can use for your eco-friendly marketing campaign.

types of plastics

5. Top 10 Buyers Of Promotional Products

While there are some businesses that are yet to jump on the promotional product bandwagon, many are fervent believers in the power of promotional giveaways. This article lists 10 sectors that have been using promo products the most.

promotional product buyers

6. 6 Back to School Marketing Giveaways

The back-to-school season is highly anticipated by businesses as shopping done for this season is second only to Christmas. This article lists the giveaways parents love to receive for their kids.

back to school supplies

7. 10 Giveaway Ideas For The Summer

Summer has always been a great season for marketers as they get a chance to grab more eyeballs via outdoor marketing. This article lists 10 of the most awesome promotional products you can use for your summer marketing campaign.

summer giveaway ideas

8. 12 Interesting Facts About Promotional Products

This infographic presents several interesting facts about promotional products – from the first known promo product to how adding one to your marketing mix affects your strategy’s effectiveness. You’ll find many informative stats to help you grow your business using promo products.

promotional products facts

9. 8 Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs In The USA

This post was an International Women’s Day special! It features the most successful and inspiring female entrepreneurs in the USA. The list includes Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes, GE’s Beth Comstock, among other equally impressive women.

women entrepneurs

10. 8 Halloween Marketing Ideas For Employees & Customers

Halloween is eagerly awaited by children and parents every year. This scary holiday is a great opportunity for businesses to connect with their target audience through fun and creative giveaways. Check out this article for ideas that you can use for your next Halloween marketing campaign.

halloween marketing ideas

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