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Not many people are aware of lead magnets and the importance they hold in the digital world. Let’s start with the basics. Ask any marketer and he/she will tell you how difficult it is to gain genuine email IDs of your target audience. In most scenarios, they purchase mailing lists from service providers. These mailing lists aren’t exactly reliable – some of the email IDs are likely to have been inactive for years! Or sometimes they are company IDs that belong to employees who left the organization long ago!

So what should be done to get relevant email IDs that can do wonders for your business? The answer lies in adopting lead magnets! A lead magnet is like a friendly bribe, offering customers a valuable proposition in the hope of receiving their contact information.

Let’s explore the different kinds of lead magnets available:

i. Checklists

Checklists are life-savers, especially when a person is about to embark on a new task. Can you come up with a useful and unique checklist featuring business tips for your target audience? The checklist should be enticing enough for readers to download by providing their email address.

Some example checklists include:

– 20 Must-Do Steps For First-time Entrepreneur
– 10 Beginner Steps To Start Your Own Business

ii. Cheat sheets

Is there a common problem faced by a lot of people in your industry? Maybe you could devise “hacks” or “shortcuts” that can help them find an easier way to deal with this problem. A well-written cheat sheet will provide readers with an easy path to resolving business headaches.

iii.  ebooks

An ebook requires a lot of effort from your writer. He/she may have to spend weeks collecting information from online sources to come up with the perfect ebook. Make sure it is elaborate yet easy-to-read at the same time.

ebooks with creative designs and catchy titles usually win lead magnet battles! Make sure yours is high on visual appeal!

Deciding which lead magnet to go for!

The decision to choose the right lead magnet rests entirely with the resources available to you. Here are a few tips:

i.  Analyze lead magnets created by competitors

The correct way to arrive at the perfect lead magnet is by observing competitors. Check out the strategy used by them to lure customers – you will get clear ideas on the nature of content that can be used as click bait for your target audience.

ii.  Seek a good writer and designer

Most digital companies already have quality writers and designers at their disposal. Pick the best among the lot and make them sit with the marketing/SEO team to prepare a lead magnet. Hire a writer and designer if you feel existing employees won’t be able to create a quality lead magnet. You could also approach freelance specialists to do the job for you.

iii.  Setting a timeframe to complete the job

The right lead magnet will require significant time for completion. The timeframe will depend on the nature of lead magnet you choose. An ebook, for example, may take a couple of weeks while a checklist can be completed in a day or two.

Okay, you prepared a lead magnet. What’s the next step?

A lead magnet only works if you cleverly showcase it along with your digital assets. Rely on your primary website and blog to highlight the magnet. You could opt for any of the following locations for your magnet:

i.  A user-friendly pop-up (not of the spammy variety)

Okay, let’s face it – a pop-up is often considered intrusive by visitors. But your pop-up will be considered friendly if it adheres to the following criteria:

– Appears only when the visitor moves the mouse to exit the page
– Features an exciting design with appealing colors
– Features a functional closing button that is easily visible

ii. A prominent place on the sidebar

A lead magnet on the sidebar will never go unnoticed. It is unobtrusive and cleverly calls out to the reader. The lead magnet could be on multiple inner pages to ensure the reader doesn’t miss them!

iii. A prominent place on the homepage

Your homepage is a great place to feature your lead magnet. Just like the sidebar, readers can quickly go through it and won’t miss it! Just make sure your homepage doesn’t appear cluttered with a lot of things. Leave a lot of blank space so that your lead magnet gets noticed as well.

Make sure the email submission process is simplistic and you will gain a lot of quality email IDs! Get in touch with us if you need any help with lead generation ideas. Our team of marketing experts will guide you in the right direction!

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