How to Use Tailgate Parties to Make Your Brand Memorable

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The Super Bowl is not just a sporting extravaganza; it’s an American tradition! Watching the ‘big game’ with friends and family is a long-standing custom and most of us look forward to it. Another tradition associated with this time of the year is hosting tailgate parties before the game in stadium parking lots.

Everyone loves a tailgate party, especially when it involves delicious hotdogs, hamburgers and lots of beer! So, what better way to leverage promotional giveaways than being a part of your customer’s celebrations, year in and year out?

Understanding Tailgating Habits

A Tailgating Institute study featuring 20,000 tailgaters in over 25 American cities revealed the following:

  • 60% are between the ages 25 to 44
  • 79% are men
  • 59% have a college degree
  • 51% arrive at the party 3-4 hours before the game
  • 59% use grills, stoves and smokers to cook
  • 49% travel less than one hour to get to the game
  • On average, a tailgater uses separate coolers for food and beverages

By using promotional items at tailgate parties, you can effectively reach many people belonging to a similar demographic – upwardly mobile, financially well-off, college-educated, football-loving Americans.

Promotional products you can use:

Here’s a list of products that you can use to etch your brand on the customer’s mind:

1. Cooler Chairs

When you’re partying in a stadium parking lot, comfortable seating and chilled beer or other beverages are a must! Cooler chairs serve the dual purpose of keeping your drinks cool while providing seating. With cooler chairs, you can sit back, enjoy a cold drink and mingle with fellow tailgaters.

Promo Direct cooler chairs

They are also foldable which helps you save precious trunk real estate for other party items. Your target audience will love these giveaways for their high utility value.

2. Stadium Cups

Stadium cups are common at any party. They are the perfect tools for imprinting your company’s or the local team’s logo/mascot. They are also economical and provide high brand visibility.

the ultimate stadium cups

3. Noisemakers

Noisemakers are a great way to keep everyone excited while cheering their favorite team. Once the game starts, these little giveaways will make their presence felt with a bang! They are small, cost-effective, and can be used to spread your message in a subtle way.

Promo Direct noise makers

4. Barbeque Grills and Sets

Barbecue grills and sets make great promotional products! BBQs made for tailgate parties are compact and easy to carry. Innovative products like the Game Day Portable Grill and Cooler will be appreciated as they can be used for grilling as well as keeping beverages chilled.


You can also consider imprinting your logo on BBQ sets, multi-purpose lighters and oven mitts.

5. Blankets

If you’re cheering the Minnesota Vikings or Chicago Bears, chances are you’re going to need blankets. Fleece blankets will keep your customers warm while they are enjoying the tailgate parties. You can also give away imprinted thermos mugs to keep the hot beverages steaming.


Go ahead and pick a product from our collection of tailgate party essentials. Your customers will be delighted to receive these handy giveaways. And we are confident they will use them for other parties as well!

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