How to Use “Thank You Customer Week” to Keep Them Coming Back for More!

thank you week

Hell hath no fury like a customer ignored! In most businesses, 68% of lost customers switched to competitors because they didn’t feel appreciated. This means that you have the power to cut down customer attrition by 68% simply by showing a little gratitude!

When you appreciate your customers, they feel good about your brand and look forward to doing business with you. Moreover, a happy customer is likely to bring in referrals and generate free publicity on social media. It’s a win-win!

There are several ways to show appreciation to customers and create loyalty for your brand. Here are some ideas that you can use this January during “Thank You Customer Week”:

1. Handwritten Thank You Letters/Cards

We live in a world full of e-mails, social media notifications, and IMs! A handwritten letter will stand out for its uniqueness – count on it to efficiently capture the reader’s attention.

Make sure that you personalize each letter with the customer’s name and other details. You can also be specific about why you’re thanking them and use your own branded cards. Avoid a promotional tone because your letter may end up in the catalog pile.

2. Send A Little Treat

Cookies and confectioneries are great promotional giveaways because your customer can share them with friends and family members. This way, more people will be talking about your brand. What’s more, your customers will look forward to receiving them every year.

3. Help Them Learn Something New

A good way to stay on top of your customers’ minds is by helping them learn something new. Gifting a book, an online course or informative in-store activity can help you engage with your customers better and set you apart from the crowd.

You could gift a book that aligns with your brand image or surprise them with an unexpected gift. A New Hampshire-based satellite communications company gifted their customers a Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham. This gift was widely appreciated by their customers and added a human touch to their brand image.

4. New Year’s Greetings

You can show that you care about your customers by sending New Year’s greetings to them. It is a great way to begin a new year and leave a lasting impression in their minds. Personalized calendars are great giveaways as they are with your customer for an entire year, increasing your brand’s recall value. You could also send a box of chocolates to win their approval.

5. Shift The Focus To Your Customers

Your brand doesn’t always have to be all about you. Social media offers you the freedom to connect with your customers instantly. A jewelry and accessory brand runs a ‘Fan of the Month’ contest where they ask customers to post their pictures wearing the brand’s jewelry on Instagram. At the end of each month, the winner is featured on their social media channels and gets to pick a product from their website, which is shipped at no charge.

Remember, to show your appreciation, you don’t have to break the bank. Making your efforts memorable and personal is more important as even small gestures can go a long way.

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