Dealing with Scammers in the Promotional Product Industry

dealing with scammersScammers exist in every domain. Their sole objective is to come up with an elaborate scheme to rob your hard-earned money! They are always eager to steal from vulnerable people and there seems no end to the variety of scams that are uncovered every year!

The Internet is home to thousands of scammers hiding behind an intricate web of IP addresses. It is hard to spot scammers if you are not used to their practices. This article will help you identify scammers in the promotional product industry.

Scammers in the promotional product industry operate mainly in the guise of distributors. If you are a supplier, you should be extra cautious while dealing with new customers, especially in the following scenarios:

  • When you receive a quote request from a new entity through your website
  • When you receive a large, blank order (no logo personalization involved)
  • When the shipping address is an offshore location
  • When the shipping address looks suspicious
  • When the buyer requests immediate delivery
  • When the buyer requests immediate payment through credit card
  • When the buyer’s domain name looks suspicious
  • When you are not convinced by the company URL provided

There are high chances for scammers to approach you through email as well. Here is your chance to analyze the sender’s credibility. Check for the following flags:

  1. The email looks unprofessional and contains poorly framed sentences.
  2. The email requests personal information related to your company.
  3. The email address contains a generic domain (for example, or

What can you do?

Step 1: Set up a team to thoroughly verify orders from new entities.

Step 2: Provide adequate training for each member of the team to handle new and suspicious orders

Step 3: The team should verify the following for each order from a new entity:

  • The company’s credibility by analyzing its online presence
  • Whether the “Bill To” and “Ship To” addresses are the same
  • Whether the name under “Bill To” is the same as that of the buyer
  • The shipping address can be located by using Google Maps

Safeguard your credentials!

It is important to scour the Internet regularly to identify misuse of your company’s primary email ID and contact number. This is because scammers love to use the credentials of established entities. Make sure unauthorized persons are not using your company’s email account and contact number for running their petty scams!

Do you have any scammer experiences to share with us? Use the comment box below to share your thoughts!





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