6 Christmas Marketing Ideas To Get Your Business Extra Attention!

marketing tips for christmas

Millions of dollars are spent across the world every year on Christmas-themed marketing campaigns. Many businesses are keen to promote their brand during the Christmas season since it is associated with a lot of fun and joy. And it is believed that the positivity felt by the target audience during Christmas passes on to the brand as well.

Have you ever launched a campaign around Christmas? If yes, how good were the marketing results? The focus of this article is to provide you with marketing ideas that can help you gain more business and goodwill this Christmas. Go through the 6 marketing ideas mentioned below to launch a memorable campaign for you and your customers!

The ideas are simple, straightforward and inexpensive. Discuss with your team to choose the right one!

1. Make loyal customers and employees feel special!

Make a list of your most loyal customers and employees. Present them with surprise Christmas gifts to show your appreciation for their continued support. A quality surprise gift will help your brand retain customers for the long-term.

Christmas Gifts

2. Launch a nostalgic Christmas photo contest on your company’s social media pages

Ask followers on Facebook or Twitter to share memorable photographs from earlier Christmas celebrations. The idea is to link your company with their memories! Announce a couple of prizes for the best photographs. Set a deadline for the pictures to be submitted and make sure you distribute prizes on time!

Social Media Contest

3. Decorate your office to match the Christmas mood!

Pick an elegant Christmas tree for the workplace. Make sure you put up some mistletoe and decorate the office with attractive accessories. Your office will serve as an efficient marketing tool for your brand, especially when potential customers walk in to enquire about doing business with you.

Christmas Decoration

4. Distribute useful giveaways

Make it a point to invest in economical and useful Christmas promotional items for your clients and employees. At Promo Direct, we have a huge collection of giveaways your target audience will love to receive. Get in touch with us if you need insights on the right giveaways for your business!

Christmas Giveaways

5. Do a combined marketing effort with another business

Sometimes it makes sense to collaborate with another company to do a joint marketing effort. Identify a company that offers services that complement what you offer. Join hands to promote that company along with your services. At the same time, the other company should promote your business as well. This approach will ensure you reach out to more customers.

Marketing Campaign

6. Host a Christmas party for everybody associated with your business

A Christmas party can go a long way to ensure your business is not forgotten in a hurry. Ensure the party is attended by all employees as well as existing and potential customers. This party can introduce a good-feel aura around your brand, giving your business a strong momentum going into the New Year.

Christmas Party

Did you find this article interesting? You can browse our site to purchase cool gifts for Christmas. Get in touch with us if you need marketing advice or insights on our products.

We wish you an awesome Christmas in advance! 🙂

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