Making Writing Instruments An Integral Part Of Your Marketing Campaigns

There is no doubt that custom pens rank among the most popularly distributed giveaways around the world. The reason for the popularity of pens as marketing tools is straightforward. Most marketing pens:

  • Offer high utility value, ensuring that recipients put them to use immediately
  • Are durable and can last for years
  • Are attractive and can easily impress recipients
  • Are low-priced, ensuring that advertisers can purchase thousands of them while spending only a few hundred dollars

A lot of our customers believe in the marketing capability of our pens. This article will provide you with a quick tour of the writing categories we offer:

1. Retractable Plastic Pens

Economical and colorful, these pens are chosen when our customers need really inexpensive marketing options. A lot of pens in this category are available for less than a dollar! The click-action mechanism available with these pens is in demand as well! Recommended pens include Bic® Clic Stic, Quasar Pen and Hex Pen.


 custom pens

 2. Stick & Twist Plastic Pens

Many pens are available for less than $1 in this category as well. You will notice a lot of fun-based pens in this category. Recommended pens include Heart Shaped Inkbend Pen, Original Bend-A-Pen and Bargain Stick Pen.


 original bend a pen

3. BIC Pens

BIC pens easily rank among the most popular pens in the world! They are colorful, long-lasting and priced right! Recommended pens include Bic® Media Clic Pen, Bic® Digital WideBody® Pen and BIC® Digital Clic Stic® Stylus Pen.

4. Metal Pens

Metallic pens can lend an elegant touch to your campaign. They are durable, great to hold and offer quality writing comfort. Recommended pens include Cabrio Pen, Athena Pen and Sharpie Stainless Pen.

5. Rollerball & Gel Pens

The pens in this category are renowned for producing writing that is pleasing to the eyes. You will fall in love with our range of gel pens in particular! Recommended pens include Triumph Roller Ball, Cyprus Gel Pen and Allegro Roller Ball Pen.

6. Highlighters & Markers

Opt for our range of highlighters if you want to help employees, clients or students highlight content they can get back to later! Recommended highlighters include Sharpie Gel Highlighter, Carabiner Highlighter and Star Highlighter.

7. Pencils

Our pencils can help you reach out to schools. They are also great office aids for employees. We have a wide collection of pencils to choose from – the conventional kind to the mechanical ones. Recommended pencils include Mood Stick Pencils, Budgeteer Pencil and Executive Mechanical Pencil.

8. Stylus Pens

A stylus pen can easily be used as a tech giveaway. Count on it to give your branding an innovative touch. Recommended stylus pens include Scripto Kellner Ballpoint Stylus Pen, Benson Stylus Metallic Trim Pen and Orlando Stylus M Pen.

9. Writing Sets

Writing sets can serve wonderfully as business gifts. They are elegant and come in nicely wrapped boxes that can win your customers’ trust in no time! Recommended writing sets include Galaxy Pencil & Ballpoint Gift Set, Luxe Renegade Pen Set and Balmain Parisian Pen Set.

Did you find these products useful? Get in touch with us to learn more about personalizing them!

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