10 Light Up Promotional Products To Imprint Your Logo On

light up promotional products

It’s time to highlight your brand in a special way! It’s time to use light up promotional items to ensure your brand glows with pride! The products featured here are good-looking, useful and offer high visual appeal. All these products are unique and serve a different purpose. Choose a product based on your branding requirement. You could distribute them at retail stores, sporting events, offices, outdoor events and educational institutions.

Go through the popular light up novelties featured below and get your logo and message imprinted on one or more of them!

1. Light Up Pen with Red Color Light

Here’s a pen with a difference! A push button switches on an attractive red light. Made of ABS plastic and featuring twist-action mechanism, this pen is a pleasure to write with!

customized light up pen

2. Bluetooth Light Up Speaker

This speaker lights up like no other audio device! Compatible with products that support Bluetooth technology, this speaker emits a white or blue light to impress people in the room. It comes with a charging cable with a battery capacity of 700 mAh.

light up speaker

3. Finger Lights

You have probably never see a product like this before! Available in 4 exciting colors, the Finger Light is powered by LEDs that fit any finger size.

finger light up item

4. 2″ LED Badges

These badges are made of frosty plastic and have a white backing. It is available in 4 exciting LED colors – Red, Green, Blue and White. This product comes with batteries and 3 illumination modes – Slow, Fast and Continuous flash.

LED badge

 5. Rectangle LED Badge

This badge comes with a 36” lanyard and 3 light settings – slow, fast and steady on. This badge can be hanged horizontally or vertically.

lighting badge

6. LED Coin Spinner Wand

This coin spinner wand comes with 6 white internal LEDs. It is capable of creating attractive light shows.

promotional coin spinner

7. LED Bangle Bracelets

This bracelet is perfect for all kinds of awareness campaigns. It can proudly highlight social messages.  It fits all wrists and comes with installed batteries.

LED Bangles

8. Sharpie Gel Highlighter

Help your customers stay safe while running, walking, or cycling in low visibility conditions. This safety light hugs the back of the shoe and glows upon pressing the switch to make your customers easily visible to oncoming vehicles. This giveaway is sure to give your brand a positive impression!

gel highlighter

9. Light-Up Ice Cubes

These ice cubes can become the life of the party! Available in attractive colors, they come with batteries installed. They can be used while enjoying beverages. Use them for a unique marketing approach.

Ice Cubes Asstorted Gallery

10. Glow Necklaces

These beautiful necklaces are available in exciting colors. They come with connectors and can impress your target audience immediately.

Necklace Light Up Item

Did you like the products featured here? Get in touch with us to personalize them! As the #1 online promotional products store, we have made it a habit of providing quality marketing merchandise all through the year. Make use of our products and expertise to drive your marketing campaign forward.

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