8 Labor Day Giveaways To Make 2016 Special For Employees

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Labor Day is just around the corner! In most countries, Labor Day is celebrated on the 1st of May. But things are different in the USA and Canada. We celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday of September. This year, Labor Day falls on September 5.

Every year, a lot of businesses approach us for Labor Day giveaways. Their goal is to use our giveaways to motivate and retain employees. And these campaigns are always successful! Have you ever launched a marketing campaign focused on Labor Day? If your answer is no, you need to catch up on lost time. It’s the best way to reach out to employees and connect with them.

Featured here are 8 popular giveaways renowned for their compatibility and acceptance levels with recipients. Go through them and make them true ambassadors of your company!

1.      25 oz. Fruit Fusion Bottle

Fusion bottles are gaining in popularity with every passing day. Users have to add fruit in the accompanying container to add flavor to their water. This 25 oz bottle offers the perfect method to drink healthy at work or while on the move.

This bottle is BPA-free and features a flip-out spout. A durable handle ensures this product can be carried around with ease.

fusion bottle

2.      PaperMate Breeze Gel

This attractive pen looks great and writes well! A product from popular PaperMate, this pen has a frosted grip for convenient writing. It features a black grip and white trim for contrasting colors. Opt for this product if you are looking for a pen that stands out and offers high utility value at the workplace.

papermet gel

 3.      TriMark® Highlighter

Here is a highlighter that will find favor with kids and adults alike. It is made of plastic and is triangle-shaped. This product will invite looks when placed on desks. The highlighter features 3 colors. One color is standard yellow and you can choose the remaining colors. The plastic caps will match the final colors. A highlight of this product is that the colors will not bleed or fade away, ensuring that recipients use these highlighters for years.

tag highlighter

4.      Mood Meter Magnet

Here is a fun product your employees will love to own! It has stock faces representing different human moods. A magnet moves across to select a mood for the day. Employees can use it to fight boredom at work or to get creative!

moveable magnet5.      16 oz. Low Rider Desk Mug

Now here is a mug with a shape you have never seen before. This unique shape will help your brand gain a lot of looks! This mug features a sturdy and double wall construction. The rubber bottom ensures the product lasts a lifetime. This product features a thumb-slide lid and is BPA-free. It has been manufactured to meet stringent FDA standards.

low desk mug6.       Pro Weight T-Shirt 5.2 oz (Colors)

T-shirts distributed at the workplace will win hearts in no time! Made of 100% cotton, this preshrunk t-shirt is a good looker! It has attractive set-in and hemmed sleeves and a bottom that doesn’t unravel. The seamless rib-knit collar adds to the look. Your logo will be screen printed on the left chest, back or center front. Choose from sizes that vary from S to XL.

colored t-shirts

7.      Therm-O-Snack

This product is ideal to carry lunch and snacks to work. It is made of high quality non-woven polypropylene. The insulating polyester fiber and zippered closure will ensure this product lasts for years. A side pocket, an 18” handle and a plastic bottom insert are other highlights.

food carrier8.      Clearview Pedometer

Help employees stay fit with our range of pedometers! This product can measure up to 9999 steps, distance walked and calories burned. It also has an auto shut-off to save energy. An idle mode ensures further energy savings. A button cell battery is included.

pedometerDid you like any of these products? Get in touch with us to personalize one or more of them. We assure you that recipients will use these products for a long time to come! You can also get in touch with us for marketing advice on choosing the right product.

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