5 Custom Floor Mats For Marketing

Custom floor mats offer excellent branding opportunities. They are ideal for offices, restaurants, and other facilities that have outdoor and indoor spaces accessed by a lot of people. This article will help you use floor mats to their full marketing potential.

Are you aware of the marketing strength offered by floor mats?

A lot of people don’t realize the branding potential custom floor mats offer. Most of the floor mats personalized by us are colorful and large, ensuring that visitors to your place of business don’t forget your brand in a hurry. The goal of these mats is to grab the attention of visitors and even passersby, imprinting your logo in their minds for a long time.

When should you go for our floor mats?

Floor mats can be used all through the year, irrespective of season or month! So pick a floor mat in the color and size of your choice. Most of our floor mats allow you to make use of the entire surface area to highlight your logo and message. Which other marketing product offers you such visibility?

We have decided to make things easier for you by listing 5 of our popular floor mats. Choose one and contact us to personalize it for you.

1. Flocked Olefin Carpet – Vinyl Backed

This floor mat features a 3-D nylon imprint. This means that the imprint will appear raised, helping it to stand out and get noticed from a distance. Made of polypropylene, this flocked olefin carpet features vinyl backing for a glossy look. It is also stain, mold and mildew-resistant.

2. Direct Print Duramat – Vinyl Backed

This direct print duramat carpet is made of 100% PVC vinyl. It is perfect to feature high quality photographs. It is UV, chemical, and oil-resistant. The smooth surface permits convenient cleaning.

3. Flocked Camelot Mat – Vinyl Backed

This attractive flocked camelot mat will get a lot of looks! Featuring vinyl backing, this carpet features a raised nylon imprint for a 3D effect. It is made of close-knit polypropylene fiber. It offers a great feel that is hard to ignore.

4. Dye Sub Counter Mat – Rubber Backed

This dye sub counter mat features rubber backing. It is perfect to showcase high quality photography images. The polyester surface displays a clear image.

5. Mat With Nylon Dye Hi Def – Rubber backed

This Nylon Dye Hi Def is made of nylon twisted yarn. It is perfect for High Definition digital printing. It is non-slip and washable.

All these products are American made and reasonably priced. Use them for marketing visibility that starts at your doorstep. Order today and get in touch with us for a fun personalization experience!

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