8 Reasons Why Direct Marketing is as Relevant as Online Marketing


The last couple of years have witnessed online marketing gaining wide acceptance as an efficient advertising tool. Most companies have a website where they highlight their services to the world. And they also have significant presence on social media where they engage with hundreds of followers. There is no doubt that online marketing provides a marketing punch for businesses looking for easy visibility. But how does it fare against direct marketing?

Prior to the digital age, businesses relied heavily on direct marketing to get their message across. Direct marketing ensured businesses were able to strike a personal relationship with their target audience. This aspect is missing from the online marketing experience. Some examples of direct marketing include mailers, meetings, coupons, telemarketing calls and promotional products.

This article looks at the advantages offered by direct marketing over online marketing. Go through them and make sure you rely on it for your next marketing campaign!

1. You can connect with specific customers on an individual basis

Online marketing offers a widespread target audience. But there is no guarantee they are going to seek your services. Direct marketing, on the other hand, allows you to reach out to specific customers on an individual basis. For example, you can rely on promotional merchandise such as t-shirts, bags, mugs and pens as giveaways to impress potential customers. Just make sure you go for promotional products high on utility value and durability – they will serve your brand efficiently!

You can also approach specific customers through meetings or calls to showcase your services. This direct approach will definitely help your cause.

2. You can build long-lasting relationships with customers

It’s important to not only bag new customers but to retain them for years. Establish personal relationships with them and ensure they remain dedicated to you. This can be achieved by engaging with them personally on a constant basis through phone calls, emails or face-to-face meetings. This ensures customers stick to your brand without seeking the services of competitors.

3. You can gain quick leads in a relatively short period of time

Leads gained through direct marketing are converted quicker than online marketing. This is because of the personal touch provided by direct interaction. A lead gained through online marketing will require several calls and emails before it is finalized. The calls and emails are present in deals gained through direct marketing as well but they are relatively less.

4. You can easily track results

It’s easy to track results gained through direct marketing, thanks to its relatively small outreach. Keep track of meetings, calls, emailers and giveaways distributed to understand how well your direct marketing campaign is faring. Take corrective measures if you feel things are not going your way.

5. You don’t have to invest a ton

Most direct marketing channels are inexpensive and fit within the majority of marketing budgets. For example, an order for thousands of giveaways will probably cost a few hundred dollars. And it doesn’t cost much to walk into a client’s office to showcase your services.

6. You can use custom messaging with ease

Approach different sets of target audiences with unique messaging for each of them. This allows you to connect with them in a better manner. In online marketing, content posted on a website or social media profiles applies for all – the scope for custom messaging is limited.

7. You can target local areas completely

Direct marketing is beneficial when you are looking to bring in customers from your local area. You could target local schools, restaurants, retail stores and companies. Highlight yourself as a local player and customers will queue up at your doorstep!

8. You will find it exciting to handle direct marketing campaigns

The very thought of engaging with the target audience on a personal basis will give you motivation to plan your campaign in a big way. Planning how you want your marketing campaign to run is reason enough for you to take the business ahead confidently.

Did you find the reasons mentioned here useful? We hope you use direct marketing as well in addition to your current online marketing efforts. Use the power of websites and social media along with the wonders of direct marketing to give your business a big boost.

What is your take on direct marketing? Have you used it to highlight your brand? Share your experiences and thoughts with us in the comment box below!

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