6 Unique Ideas to Celebrate the First Day of Summer

first day summerPeople look forward to summer to relax and have some fun outdoors. It’s the perfect time to connect with family and friends. The first day of summer brings along with it a lot of promise for a new beginning filled with warmth. Popularly known as Summer Solstice, it falls on June 20 this year.

Business managers often have elaborate plans for the summer. They know how eagerly employees wait for the first day of summer. Summer Solstice provides businesses with the perfect opportunity to bond with employees and customers. Here are a couple of inexpensive yet efficient ideas to associate your brand with Summer Solstice.

1. Throw a summer party!

Host a first day of summer party for everybody at work. Invite a couple of cherished clients as well. Make sure everybody has a fun time they will not forget anytime soon. Have some water-based games so that the party is high on the fun quotient.

Publicize the party in a big way so that a lot of interest builds up, ensuring everybody wants to be a part of it.

2. Host a promotional event

Host an event that starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. This idea will be helpful if you own an online or physical store. Offer amazing discounts that capture everybody’s attention. Highlight your promotion well in advance and gain considerable publicity for your services.

3. Invest in summer promotional items

Distributing giveaways such as summer clothing and accessories will do your brand a world of good. Perform adequate research before shortlisting giveaways that can be a part of your marketing campaign. At Promo Direct, we have thousands of products waiting to get personalized with your logo and message. You will love the range we offer. And the personalization process will leave you satisfied and asking for more!

Give us a call at 1-800-748-6150 or send an email to info@promodirect.com – we will help you choose the right gift!

4. Add a summer theme to your content marketing efforts

The content produced by your team should focus on celebrating the spirit of summer. Create emails, announcements and other marketing material showcasing your company’s interest in all things summer. You could organize photography contests that invite social media followers to share their cherished summer photographs. Announce a surprise prize for the winner so that you get maximum participants.

5. Ask employees to bring their family to the office

Gain the goodwill of employees by asking them to bring their loved ones to the office. Ensure they have a good time at work by supplying a steady flow of fun, snacks and drinks. This move will win the hearts of employees. What’s more, their families will interact with each other, building a strong bond within the organization.

6. Have a picnic or camp out

It’s a great idea to start the summer with an outdoor activity. You could either go camping or have a picnic for employees at a nearby park. It will be an absolute treat for everybody involved!

Did you find this article useful? Use the first day of summer to give your branding amazing visibility every year! Get in touch with us if you need more insights on marketing campaigns for your brand. We have more than 20 years of expertise in ensuring brands have an easy time reaching out to target audiences.

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