8 Tips To Help You Prepare for Your Next Trade Show


Trade shows have helped businesses create awareness about their products and services for many years. A lot of companies enjoy setting up stalls at trade shows to reach out to their target audience. The number of leads gained through trade shows is invaluable, especially if you have planned everything right.

Some companies have had disastrous trade show experiences because they didn’t plan right. These companies didn’t realize how important it is to focus on a strategy to have the right trade show impact. How have your trade show experiences been so far? The 8 tips featured in this article will help you enjoy the perfect trade show experience at your next event!

1. Understand the reason why you want to be a part of a trade show event

What do you seek to gain by participating in the event? Do you need more leads? Or do you want to get a better understanding of the competition? Sit down with your team and jot down the goals you seek to achieve at the next event.

The goals you shortlist will serve as the driving force to prepare a strategy document for the trade show. This strategy document should highlight the research conducted by your team to ensure your booth and products are well-received.

2. Set aside a budget for your trade show

Participation in trade shows is an expensive affair. You will have to set aside a generous budget to spend on registration, giveaways and marketing materials. Any hesitation to spend will result in disastrous consequences. This is because your competitors will be present as well – they will march ahead if you don’t set up a booth that can attract a lot of visitors.

3. Prepare a team of the finest employees to represent your business at the booth

Shortlist a team of 5 to 7 employees who are presentable, confident and knowledgeable about your company’s services. Train them to be at their courteous best while representing your business at the trade show. Give them valuable tips that will help them deal with booth visitors in an efficient manner, converting each potential client into a valuable lead.

4. Make early travel arrangements

It’s important to book tickets for the entire team well in advance. This will ensure you save on precious dollars that can be used to cover other expenses.

 5. Finalize the perfect location for your booth

Your booth should be located at an easily accessible area. Visitors passing by should find it interesting enough to enter and explore. Make sure you get in touch with the organizers well in advance to book the perfect location.

6. Invest in quality giveaways

Booth visitors love receiving freebies they can take home. You should invest in some quality trade show supplies that are attractive and offer high utility value. Choose from our popular products such as pens, key tags, mugs and bags to ensure they don’t forget you soon! You could also invest in trade show displays and banners that proudly introduce your business at the trade show.

7. Highlight your participation on social media

Generate buzz on social media by sharing details about your participation. Launch contests on social media and give away prizes at your booth! This will encourage more people to show up and support your presence at the trade show.

8. Don’t forget to follow up!

Most businesses seek leads at trade shows. Make sure you get in touch with these leads 4 to 5 days after the event is over. Don’t wait too long to get in touch with them! There is every chance they will forget about you if you contact them after a long gap.

Check out the infographic below to build your brand recognition at trade show and create brand recall long after the show is over –

Building Brand Recognition at Trade Shows

Did you find these tips useful? Use them to prepare for a memorable trade show. You can get in touch with us for more marketing insights. Send us an email at info@promodirect.com Or give us a call at 1-800-748-6150. Our team will gladly answer your marketing questions.

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