Importance of Associating Your Business with Men’s Health Month

men's health month

Businesses often look for a quality reason to invest in giveaways. Mostly, they plan their campaigns around federal holidays or wait to achieve a company milestone. When do you usually launch your marketing campaigns? And what occasion do you associate your campaigns with? We understand you may have a variety of company-specific reasons to launch a campaign. We recommend you give Men’s Health Month a try as well.

Men’s Health Month is celebrated every June across the world. It was first recognized in 2002 when several men’s health organizations got together for the 2nd World Congress on Men’s Health in Austria. The purpose of such an observance is to highlight ailments associated with men.

Men’s Health Month has successfully managed to shift the attention to the health conditions faced by men in society. Traditionally, most men prefer not to do health check-ups until the last moment – Men’s Health Month seeks to change this attitude.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should associate your business with Men’s Health Month:

1. Gain the goodwill of workers and others in the local community

You could organize a health camp aimed at male employees and local residents who stay near your organization. Offer free check-ups for prostate cancer, osteoporosis and other diseases associated with men. The goodwill gained through such initiatives will ensure nobody forgets your brand in a hurry.

2. Gain widespread visibility through our range of promotional items for men

Invest in promotional healthcare items that can connect instantly with your target audience. The range of giveaways available at Promo Direct is inexpensive, high on utility value and long-lasting. You can count on them to last for years without a dip in quality.

3. Gain long-lasting relationships with those who matter in your industry

Men’s health is an issue that will connect with a lot of people. Clients will find it interesting that you are expending effort and resources to spread the word about men’s health. You will win their approval and business as well!

4. Gain massive savings on a marketing channel that doesn’t need a lot of investment

It doesn’t cost much to organize a health camp or buy thousands of promotional items. Giveaways such as pens, bags and t-shirts will fit within your budget and will cost a fraction of what it takes to spend on print or television ads. Invest in products people will love receiving and you will benefit from quality ROI that lasts years.

5. And finally, gain a new perspective on running a business!

Most businesses are usually run with the sole focus of achieving profits. There is nothing wrong with this approach, especially since a lot of businesses have to deal with rising costs. But adding a touch of humanity to your business will take your brand places. Associating your business with events such as Men’s Health Month will add a new dimension to your business, a caring side you and others involved will begin to relish in a big way.

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