5 Myths About Promotional Products

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Myths have been around for as long as the origin of man! A myth is born when people begin to make assertive statements about a person or product he/she has no clue about. Over a period of time, these statements gain significance and authority, misguiding other people in the process. There are many, many myths leading people on the wrong path. Some of these myths include those that revolve around dieting, marriages and even friends!

In this article, we are going to discuss myths surrounding promotional products. It’s important that consumers consider the marketing might of promotional products for their next marketing campaign. Read the following myths to become well-informed and prepared to choose the right marketing channel.

1. They are meant for small businesses

Origin of myth:

It’s a fact that big corporations primarily rely on TV and print ads for publicity. This led to a lot of people mistakenly assuming that mainstream media offers the only reliable way to reach out to their target audience.

Why this myth is wrong:

All you need to do is become an expert in picking the right product for your target audience. Our team at Promo Direct can help you choose the best product customized for your needs.

Here’s another fact – giveaways can be more effective than mainstream media if used properly. There are big corporations that invest in thousands of giveaways every year. They distribute them all across the nation – this ensures a widespread audience receives a tangible, useful and free product they can remember them by.

2. They are cheap looking

Origin of myth:

Some companies faced bad experiences while ordering pens and wrist bands many years ago. They spread their negative stories to other businesses and a new myth was born. People began to think that promotional products were cheap-looking, unattractive and made of low quality material.

Why this myth is wrong:

Modern promotional products belong to reputed brands and are high on visual appeal. All you have to do is choose the right one that meets your branding requirements. At Promo Direct, you will come across pens, apparel, mugs and many other items that are built to impress recipients. These products will definitely impress your target audience!

3. ROI gained is difficult to measure

Origin of myth:

A lack of awareness led to this myth being spread like wildfire.

Why this myth is wrong:

The ROI gained through promotional products is invaluable. A promotional product is a tangible gift that helps establish a connection with employees/customers. It offers immense utility value and will be put to use immediately by recipients. The brand visibility gained this way ensures the advertiser wins the goodwill and trust of employees and customers.

4. Promotional products don’t have widespread reach

Origin of myth:

This myth arises from the inability to understand the full potential of promotional products. Most people are not aware that companies order and distribute promotional products nationwide at retail stores or banks.

Why this myth is wrong:

At Promo Direct, we have customers who have ordered 500,000 pens. Their goal was to reach out to a widespread audience. And our pens didn’t disappoint them. People love receiving freebies and these pens helped them connect with people in all corners of the country.

5. Promotional products aren’t long lasting

Origin of myth:

This myth is an extension of the “They are cheap looking” one. People wrongly believe that promotional products have a small lifespan.

Why this myth is wrong:

Calendars bought from our site are used throughout the year, giving unmatchable visibility for the advertiser. Your logo and message remain on the calendar and will be noticed by recipients whenever they pass by. We have a wide range of other products such as mugs, pens and bags that can endear themselves to your recipients. All our products are capable of winning admiration and visibility for your brand.

Did you find this article useful? Are there any other myths you would like to share with us? Share your feedback in the comment box below.

Promo Direct has been voted the #1 promotional product store for the second year running. We will use our expertise to serve all of your promotional needs!

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