Promotional Items Under $1 For Your Next Marketing Campaign

There is a high demand among businesses for our promotional items priced under $1. This demand has roots in the firm belief that our economical giveaways display no compromise in quality or durability. Many of our customers return to us with reorder after reorder of these products. They realize that these products have helped them gain maximum ROI and brand visibility!

We have compiled a list of some popular promotional items under $1 for you to use in your next marketing campaign:

1.Two Tone Matte Sunglasses.

You will never go wrong with sunglasses as marketing tools! This particular product looks great and is a great fashion accessory for the outdoors. Offering quality protection against the sun, this product’s unique two-tone color will connect immediately with your target audience.

matte sunglasses

2. The YaYa Budget Shopper Tote

Totes are handy items that can be put to good use outdoors. This particular tote is the ideal companion for shoppers. Its sturdiness ensures longevity, allowing users to pack in a lot of shopping essentials.

A major advantage this product offers is its eco-friendliness. It is recyclable and will suit the needs of those looking to launch an eco-friendly marketing campaign. The 20” reinforced handles ensure these totes can be carried around with ease. A large main compartment ensures that items can be place in and taken out with ease.

shopper tote

3. BIC Telephone Shape Notepads

Bic products have always been popular as branding tools! They are renowned for their quality and reliability. We recommend these notepads to help users stay on top of their schedules. This particular notepad features a telephone shape and is ideal for jotting down important notes at the office or at home.

4. Beeswax Lip Balm

This FDA-approved product features natural ingredients such as coconut and macademia nuts. Count on this balm to heal and soothe lips during all seasons. Your logo will stand out on the white tube’s label.

beeswax balm

5. Glow In The Dark Business Card Magnet

How about trying these unique business cards to highlight your brand? It features a magnet that attaches itself to refrigerators, desks and other metallic surfaces. This product features a glow that illuminates printed content in style! These magnets can be given out anywhere!

business card6. Bic Brite Liner Grip

This writing instrument features an exciting looking barrel and ink colors. It also features a textured grey rubber grip for enhanced comfort while writing. The chisel tip can be used for fine-line underlining or broad-line highlighting.

promotional liner grip

7. JoBee Patriotic Pencil

Launch a patriotic marketing campaign by going for this round wooden pencil. It features foil-wrapped patriotic graphics and is an ideal giveaway at local schools, stores and charity organizations. It can also be given away in offices.

promotional pencils8. Canyon Drawstring Backpack

Made of 80 GSM Polypropylene, this bag is 100% recyclable and reusable. It is compact yet spacious to store personal belongings. Dual drawstrings secure the main compartment easily.

printed backpack

9. Promo Flyers

Let your brand soar high with this 9″ flyer! A lot of buyers said that recipients use these flyers at work to beat boredom! They are ideal for getting some quality fun outdoors.

flyers10. Removable Bumper Sticker/Decal

Get these bumper stickers imprinted with a business message and distribute them around town! Made of vinyl material, this product is personalized using a four color process. It can be stuck to any surface. It is removable and doesn’t leave any residue behind.

imprinted stickers

Get in touch with us to get these products personalized for your next marketing campaign. Distribute them at trade shows, offices, stores or schools for widespread visibility you have never achieved before!

We look forward to personalizing your order soon!

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