6 Benefits of Using Promotional Products for Presidential Elections

promotional product for election

Promotional products have played a prominent role in American politics for more than two centuries. Its history can be traced back to the era of George Washington – he used commemorative badges to highlight his Presidential campaign. Some of these historic badges are now preserved at the Museum of the City of New York.

Traditional forms of advertising – print, digital and electronic media – play a vital role during election campaigns. However, the impact of these advertising mediums is more powerful when combined with the right promotional products. Barack Obama’s campaign strategy achieved great success by using traditional advertising combined with promotional products to spread his message among a widespread audience.

Promotional items play a significant role in boosting a candidate’s identity and brand value. This is the reason why candidates and followers are generous towards purchasing them. Bloomberg View reports that the promotional expenditure by the candidates is expected to reach $10 billion for 2016’s Presidential election.

The upcoming Presidential election is scheduled for November 8, 2016. There will be a great demand for promotional merchandise. Here are 6 ways they can benefit a Presidential campaign:

1.    They provide supporters with a tangible and visual marketing tool

Promotional giveaways will ensure the candidate’s message gets promoted all over the country. Giveaways like flags, vehicle magnets, and sports bottles allow supporters to carry your message wherever they go.

2.    They help voters remember the candidate and the party he belongs to

Giveaways serve as constant reminders. They help register the candidate’s name in people’s minds. Recipients will remember the candidate not only during the election but for the rest of their lives as well!

3.    They are useful and budget-friendly

Giveaways are meant for bulk distribution. Their low prices help to promote a candidate all across the country. You will find pens available with us that start for as low as $.18! Distribute items like bumper stickers, decals, bookmarks, and lapel pins in large quantities during election campaigns.

4.    They help build a strong connection with supporters

Giveaways are great tools to build a close relationship with supporters. You can broadcast your campaign message with personalized giveaways such as t-shirts and bags.

5.    They inculcate patriotic feelings in recipients

Promotional products can evoke a patriotic feeling in recipients. They foresee a promising future for their state in the hands of the candidates they support. Use t-shirts or sports caps for imprinting the right patriotic message.

6.    They give better results for your investment

The right giveaways can bring in a larger amount of followers. They will add clarity to your political message and increase the candidate’s popularity. For example, people can wear promotional badges to show their association with your party.

We hope you got a clear idea of how these products can benefit your campaign. Select the best promotional items and kick-start your election campaign!

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