8 Customized Keychains To Rock Your Marketing Campaign!

Customized keychains are considered to be among the most popular giveaways in the world today. They are trendy, compact and useful. There is every chance the keychains you give away will be carried around by recipients. Just make sure you go for visually appealing ones!

Keychains have one purpose – to store and secure keys! A keychain also serves as a fashion accessory. Recipients will love flaunting the keychains you gift them as long as they look really good!

Here are 8 keychains that are good-looking, economical and worthy enough to be a part of your marketing campaign:

1. Flexible Key Tags (USA Flag)

Featuring the American flag, this product is a marketing winner! It looks cool and is made of Flex-touch soft material. Each tag comes individually polybagged for added impact.

Bulk prices start at $.43.

2. Retractable Key Ring

This product comes with a keyring that extends up to 24”! It can attach itself to belts, purses or bags. This product is a convenient way to tag along keys while on the move.

Bulk prices start at $1. 32.

3. Mini Bullet Light

This product features a single white bulb and a metal split key ring. It is available in 6 attractive colors to get your logo quality attention.

Bulk prices start at $.71.

4. Bottle Opener Keychain

This product features a sturdy bottle opener as well as the keychain! Made of durable plastic, this product can open cans and bottles. It comes with a split ring and is available in 4 exciting colors.

Bulk prices start at $.47.

5. Mini 3 LED Aluminum Keylight

Built of aluminum, this product will easily fit in a purse or pocket. It is accompanied by a silver split ring to ensure keys are secured well. The 3 LEDs ensure that users can find their way in the dark during minor emergencies.

Bulk prices start at $1.49.

6. Era Keyholder

This elegant looking product will create the perfect style statement for your brand! It is made of zinc alloy and features a chrome finish. Count on this product if you are looking for a classy giveaway at an inexpensive price. It comes beautifully packed in an elegant gift box.

Bulk prices start at $1.58.

7. Mikey Keyholder

Just like the product mentioned above, this one is made of zinc alloy as well. It has a key separator and Pull-N-Twist mechanism for easy key attachment. This product comes with an attractive gift box.

Bulk prices start at $1.49.

8. Pen & Pewter Keychain Set

This is the highest priced product in this list and is totally worth it! It comes with a metallic ballpoint pen. Featuring a twist action mechanism, this pen comes with a Parker-style refill. The keychain accompanying this pen is a great looker. This product comes with a tray and a beautiful gift box.

Bulk prices start at $7.19.

We hope you found this list of keychains useful! Go through them and choose one that suits your marketing needs best!

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