5 Tips For The Perfect Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is an effective tool to convince somebody about your products or a new idea. Ideal elevator pitches are brief, crisp and attention-grabbing. They take less than 60 seconds to convey verbally. If you are writing it down, remember this – an elevator pitch only takes a page to convey your thoughts.

Elevator pitches are made to people who lead busy lives. They need you to convey your message in the shortest and quickest manner possible. Have you delivered an elevator pitch before? How did it go?

This article will prepare you to create the perfect elevator pitch. Use these ideas to convince clients to opt for your product or service.

1. Highlight the primary problem your product resolves or eliminates

Your products serve a purpose – they help people lead convenient lives. How exactly do your products help customers? Note down the primary benefits your products offer. Let these benefits serve as the core of your elevator pitch.

2. Talk about your USP                                      

It’s difficult for a product to survive without a USP. There might be hundreds of products similar to yours – you will have to find a differentiating factor that helps your product stand out. Highlight it throughout the pitch.

3. Be conversational – engage the listener at all times

Learn about the person you are going to give the pitch to. Prepare your pitch in such a way that he connects with it immediately. Ask questions and engage with him. This will keep him glued to what you have to say. You can easily win his approval!

4. Include a call-to-action

The goal of an elevator pitch is to convince the listener to do something for you. Be clear about what you want. Specify a call-to-action that is easy to complete. The listener will gladly work with you if he likes your pitch.

5. Perform several tests

An elevator pitch is your chance at achieving greatness – don’t let it slip away! Do test versions of the elevator speech in front of colleagues. Listen to their input and make changes if necessary.

These simple tips are meant to create the right impression for your business. Go through them to more cleverly get your message across next time. You can also give out our range of personalized golf tees to make the right impact.

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