Preparing A 7 Wonders List For Organizations

You probably find the title of this article weird. And why not? “7 Wonders” lists are usually associated with monuments or places. You have probably heard of the popular “7 Wonders of the World” list – it features the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Wall of China and Taj Mahal, among several other breathtaking monuments.

Several countries have created their own “7 Wonders” lists to showcase local architecture. It’s the perfect way to divert attention to local destinations.

These lists got us thinking – why not have one for organizations? Such a list will help to identify an organization’s strengths while setting the perfect example for others to follow.

We have created a template to help organizations highlight their prized possessions. It’s a fact that such lists for organizations will have to be updated on a regular basis to accommodate newer achievements. Go through this list and create a “7 Wonders” list specific to your organization.

1st Wonder – The Product/Service your organization is known for

The secret to having a successful business is having a product or service that can win over your customers. Which product/service offers you the highest visibility among customers? Highlight it as the 1st Wonder in your list.

2nd Wonder – A Star Performer everybody looks up to

Who is the most admired person in your office? He could be the CEO or a marketing guy who is exceptionally good at his job. This performer is the 2nd Wonder in your list. Your organization may have multiple performers – don’t hesitate to add them all as 2nd Wonders to your list.

3rd Wonder – The Logo that represents your brand to the world

Your logo is the face of your organization. You use it in all kinds of communication. It’s time you highlight it in a different way – showcase it on this list.

4th Wonder – A classy addition to the workplace

Every organization has an area people like to relax and unwind in. It could be the cafeteria, gym or library. Which is the most frequented area at your workplace? Crown it as the 4th Wonder!

5th Wonder – A popular initiative by the HR/Management

Most organizations strive to remain employee-friendly at all times. But this is a difficult task that is easier said than done. Once in a while, organizations launch employee-friendly policies that ensure the wellbeing and satisfaction of all employees. Such a policy would be dealing with convenient office hours or better bonuses. Does your organization have such an initiative that has won the admiration of all employees? Count it as your 5th Wonder!

6th Wonder – A prize to reward deserving candidates

Employees often look forward to prize ceremonies that recognize hard workers of the previous year. Such events are capable of boosting morale and increasing the confidence of employees. Organize such events if you don’t have one already. It’s a good step to ensuring employee wellbeing.

7th Wonder – A product featuring your logo

Every year, companies spend hundreds of dollars on useful giveaways for employees and clients. Products such as custom sports bottles, pens and bags do a good job of highlighting businesses. Did you invest in a product that was a hit with everybody? Feature it as the 7th and final wonder!

Prepare your list of 7 Wonders and prominently display it at your office. This list will instill a sense of pride and achievement in employees. Don’t forget to refresh the list on a monthly basis – this will ensure everybody is fairly represented and gets their place under the sun.

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