6 Tips To Help Boost Employee Relationships

Research has proven that employees with friends at the workplace are likely to be more dedicated to their jobs. These employees feel more secure with their job and have a sense of contentment in whatever they do. They are a pleasure to work with!

There is no doubt about the role played by employee bonding towards making a hostile work environment a better place to be in. America – the land of start-ups – has been witness to thousands of instances of ordinary offices becoming laboratories for quality projects.

Do you work in an office that promotes employee bonding? Look around and ask yourself these questions:

Q1. “What kind of work environment do I have?”

Q2. “Are there ample opportunities to interact with other employees?”

Q3. “How many good friends do I have at the office?”

Q4. “How helpful are my colleagues when I am faced with issues? How receptive am I to their issues?”

Q5. “Do I know any colleague on a personal basis? How many times have I visited a colleague’s home?”

The answers to these questions will provide you with interesting insights on where you currently stand vis-à-vis employee relationships.

This article will help you achieve healthier relationships at the office. It doesn’t matter whether you are a boss or an ordinary employee – these tips will take you places!

1. Respect all colleagues!

Everybody desires to be respected. Avoid rude confrontations – maintain a pleasing exterior while talking to others at the office. Show a good degree of restraint in testing situations. This approach will win you admirers. You will gain the respect of colleagues.


2. Give compliments at every opportunity!

Engage employees in conversations. Talk to them about the projects they are involved in – make an effort to learn about what they do. Shower praises at the right moment. People will start enjoying your presence – they will want to be around you more often.


3. Avoid gossip!

It’s difficult to escape workplace gossip. But you will have to make an effort. Gossip has the potential to destroy working relationships – it’s advisable to avoid colleagues who spend a lot of time gossiping. Being in their company will adversely impact how others view you as an individual.


4. Share knowledge and help everybody!

It’s important to gain the trust of colleagues. Keep learning and increasing your level of expertise. This will help you provide quality insights to colleagues when the need arises. Your ability to share knowledge will win the appreciation of colleagues – they will begin to trust you on a regular basis.


5. Take initiative to organize contests!

Walk up to the HR department and share your ideas to boost company growth. Voluntarily offer to help organize contests at the office. You could also ask the HR team to place an order for our range of giveaways. Imprint your company’s logo on custom pens and bags. Distribute them among employees. These giveaways will help to foster a better attachment among employees to your company.

6.  Hang out with colleagues after work!

Join colleagues for a drink or a quiet dinner downtown. You could also invite them home for a sumptuous meal. Introduce your family to them. This will help you take the working relationship to a personal level.



Did you find these 6 tips useful? Remember this – you will have to make an effort to reach out to more employees in the company. This is an important step to ensure you are wholly accepted at the workplace.

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