5 Giveaways That Help Mend Client Relationships

A client relationship is just like any other relationship. It needs willing people on both sides to go ahead in harmony. Misunderstandings may arise but it’s important that they are resolved before disaster occurs.

Successful client relationships form the core of any business. It’s important to keep all clients in good spirits to gain goodwill and long-term growth for the company. A client who enjoys your services will gladly recommend you to others.

It’s important to have at least 10-15 clients you can rely on for constant business. Do you have that many?

A “SORRY” means a lot in the business world 

The business world is filled with people who don’t have the time to go the extra mile for clients. You may be working with a host of clients – there may be occasions when you find it difficult to provide all of them with quality resources. This is when fissures begin to show up in client relationships. But a simple sorry can go a long way in creating a new image for you.

Here are 6 common reasons why client relationships flounder:

  1. The client realizes the vendor isn’t spending quality time on his project
  2. The client is unhappy with the final product delivered to him
  3. The client refuses to pay up because he isn’t convinced about the costs
  4. The vendor finds the client’s demands unreasonable and out of project scope
  5. The vendor realizes the client isn’t serious about the project
  6. The client and vendor had no communication after the last project

You may have dealt with several clients in the past. It’s great if a majority of them still work with you. But it will be awesome if you could bring back all clients to your fold – even those you had a fall out with. Reach out and show that you would like to start a new working relationship with them. An email or phone call may not have the desired results. You will have to go the extra mile to win their confidence.

We recommend you show you care with giveaways. Opt for custom drawstring bags, chocolates, mugs or pens – anything that can help you win their trust again!

We recommend you choose from the list of goodies featured in this article:

  1. Small Present with Chocolate Covered Almonds

This sweetly delicious almond pack will win your client’s trust by tickling their taste buds! These chocolate almonds will do a good job of reminding clients about your services. Available in neatly packed boxes, you get to choose a color of your choice for the ribbon.

  1. X-Cube with Dark Chocolate Almonds

This product features a full color dome highlighting your logo and message. The doming effect ensures that your logo and message remain intact – they are scratch-free and won’t fade away! The highlight of this product is the dark chocolate almonds that come with this product – they are lip-smacking delicious!

  1. Bic® Worthington Lacquer Rollerball

An elegant pen, this product from BIC features a classic styling. It has a rich lacquer finish as well. It looks great and is a pleasure to write with. The 22K gold plated accents add to this product’s reliability as a marketing tool. This two-piece rollerball pen comes individually packaged in a good-looking box.

  1. Parker Jotter Pen

Parker is renowned the world over as a classy and reputed business gift. The Parker Jotter Pen lives up to that expectation. Featuring a chrome cap and trim, this pen will do a good job of representing your brand to the world!

  1. 16 oz. Desk Jockey

This mug is a sturdy product meant to last years. It features an acrylic outer and a stainless accent trim. The dual wall insulation will keep hot beverages warm and cold beverages chilled! This product’s durability is legendary – recipients won’t let go of this product anytime soon!

These products are capable of helping unfriendly clients remember you in a positive way. Use them to drive your message home!

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