Why Team Building Activities Should Never Be Ignored

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

– Andrew Carnegie, renowned American entrepreneur and philanthropist

There is no doubt that teams are the driving force behind successful organizations. A team that boasts of talented individuals can do wonders for a company. The main focus should be to nurture these teams and give each member the right opportunities to pursue their careers.

Most organizations are aware of the importance of having the right teams to represent their business. However, they forget to nurture these teams. As a result, employees begin to lose interest in the organization – it becomes difficult to retain quality talent.

It’s important to introduce teambuilding activities that help keep the employee’s interest in the company intact.

Here is a brief analysis of the kind of team building activities pursued to achieve individual excellence at organizations. The 4 activities highlighted here are pursued separately or in combination by organizations around the world. You can choose an activity that best suits your team’s needs.

  1. Activity-focused: A set of activities are organized – either outdoors or indoors – and team members are asked to participate. They are asked to solve puzzles or answer quiz questions as part of a team. These activities help foster better bonding among team members.
  2. Skills-focused: The goal here is to boost a set of skills in each member of the team. These skills are important to ensure each team member performs to his best in the working environment.
  3. Personality-focused: Every member in the team is different. Personality-focused activities help introverts better express themselves in a team.
  4. Problem-focused: A company that has handled several clients over a period of time will have experienced a similar set of problems over the years. Newer employees may not have exposure to these problems. Activities that put them in dummy situations will help to get them acquainted with these problems – this ensures they are better prepared to face these situations in real-time environments.

Here is why teambuilding activities should find a prominent place in your organization:
1. Fills communication gaps that exist among team members
Team building activities help boost better communication among team members. Employee-management communication gaps get filled as well. Team members will be more inclined towards opening up about bottlenecks they encounter in projects.

2. Motivates employees to work at their best at all times
A good dose of motivation is essential to excel at the workplace. This can be achieved by organizing contests and giving out exciting prizes. You could also give out personalized lunch bags featuring your logo to show your appreciation to employees and clients.

3. Helps boost their creativity
A lot of organizations undertake workshops to provide a creative boost to each team member. These workshops provide employees with the required knowledge capital to react creatively in their projects. Helping employees on their creative journeys gives you an advantage – they will be indebted to you for the role you played in shaping their careers!

4. Helps employees develop into expert problem solvers
It’s difficult to come across a project that runs without any bottlenecks. Issues creep in regularly and must be solved in quick time. It’s important to groom a group of expert problem solvers within the team. They can easily tackle issues to ensure that projects are run smoothly.

5. Ensures employees are aware of their responsibilities within the team
This is the most important role played by team building activities. At times, employees are not clear about their roles within the organization. Steps should be taken through fun outings to remind them how invaluable they are to the company’s growth.

Hope this article convinces you to devote considerable time towards team building in your organization. Your focus should be to gain the undivided attention of each member towards the company’s business goals.

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