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Ever wondered which year bookmarks were introduced? You probably think they are recent innovations. But here is a fact – bookmarks have a history that dates back to the very first books!

In the ancient days, books were hefty and difficult to read through – page numbers were a rarity! Back then, readers found it impossible to return to the page they had left on the previous day. They soon started experimenting by using ingenious bookmarks – from slippers and plates to iron paperweights! Needless to say, things weren’t going good for book readers.

The 16th century saw the arrival of bookmarks, as we know them now (they had a similar slender form). England’s Queen Elizabeth I was among the first to own a bookmark.

Modern day bookmarks are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. And they are made from paper, plastic or fabric. They are great to look at and desirable as well. That’s the reason why a lot of businesses use them as marketing giveaways. In this article, we will go through a list of custom bookmarks that are capable enough to highlight your brand. You will find a couple of book lights in this list as well.

One thing you will notice about the bookmarks featured here is the amazingly low prices. Most of our bookmarks are available for less than a dollar! Use them for a budget-friendly marketing campaign!

1. Bookmark Magnilens

This product is highly practical, thanks to a magnifier that helps enlarge small print. A 6” ruler is included as well. This product is ideal for senior citizens and the visually impaired. The perfect gift for charity homes, the Bookmark Magnilens comes with special packing to prevent scratches.

Bulk pricing starts at $.80.

2. Lenticular Bookmarks

This product features lenticular effects for quality visual appeal. It is made from lenticular polyester to ensure a positive impact for your marketing campaign. Count on this product for some quality visibility!

Bulk pricing starts at $.55.

3. Band-it Bookmark

This product comes with an elastic band. A plastic snap disc adds to its visual appeal and utility value. A handy bookmark, it will quickly win the appreciation of your recipients.

Bulk pricing starts at $.66.

4. Bookmark Magnet

This product provides a quality imprint area for your logo and message. A truly American product, this bookmark is made of 10 pt. paper. This product’s magnetic properties add to its appeal.

Bulk pricing starts at $.25.

5. Brilliant Bookmark

Made of glossy vinyl plastic, this bookmark is a looker! Considered to be highly durable, the Brilliant Bookmark will take your branding to a whole new level!

Bulk pricing starts at $.31.

6. Flip Open Book Light

A book light is a welcome gift everybody would love to receive. This one features a sturdy clip that easily attaches to books. The bright LED light will ensure book enthusiasts have a good time enjoying their reading at night. There are 8 adjustable angles available for convenient reading. This product comes with batteries included. Users will only have to flip it open to switch on the light!

Bulk pricing starts at $2.15.

7. Flexi Book Light

This is another book light that is popular with our buyers. It features a slide switch to ON/OFF the LED light. It easily attaches to books and can serve as a bookmark as well. This product comes with button cell batteries.

Bulk pricing starts at $1.79.

8. Magnifying Bookmark

This product serves as a magnifier and bookmark. This product is the perfect giveaway for the visually impaired and senior citizens. A ruler is included as well.

Bulk pricing starts at $.66.

9. Full Color Bookmark

You can use the entire bookmark to feature your logo and an attractive message. Get your message across by asking our team to create a wonderful design that meets your branding requirements.

Bulk pricing starts at $.24.

10. Bendy Book Light

This is a wonderful product that comes with 2 button cell batteries. It features a single white LED and ON/OFF switch.

Bulk pricing starts at $1.29.

Like this list? Do get in touch to personalize any of these products as per your branding requirements. We are confident you will find them useful as marketing giveaways. Give us a call at 800-748-6150 or send an email to info@promodirect.com if you have any questions about our products.

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