Associating Your Brand With Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

We are nearing the time of the year when children return back to their schools. It’s a period when parents rush around to get things done on time – from submitting enrollment forms, getting immunizations done to purchasing school books and stationery.

Kids look forward to school with nervous anticipation after enjoying an eventful vacation. They need to be at their healthiest best to absorb knowledge imparted in classrooms.

As parents, most of us assume we are doing the best for our children. By taking care of their basic needs, we try to ensure they grow up to become mature and responsible adults. Through all this, there is one aspect of their wellbeing that we tend to miss – their eye care.

A child’s eyes are their window to the world. Their eyes should offer visibility at optimum levels so that they get to explore the world around them. It’s important that regular check-ups are performed to ensure they have the best eyesight at all times.

The month of August provides companies with a chance to have an impact on the lives of thousands of children across the USA. We recommend you observe Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month at offices or schools to ensure the message of proper eye care reaches out to everyone.

By associating your brand or cause with Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, you stand to gain their goodwill. You will also gain a lot of quality visibility for your brand. Organize camps at local offices, churches or schools – any place where children can be brought for quality eye check-ups.

By showing your concern for the local community, you are opening your brand to a whole new world of trust. Here are some questions you should highlight to get parents in the local community to get interested in your campaign:

  • Does your family have a history of vision problems?
  • Does your child show a lack of interest in reading?
  • Does your child have difficulty viewing objects placed at a friendly distance?

You could choose from our range of personalized plastic cups, pens and totes to highlight your campaign. Or you could choose from this list of highly recommended giveaways for Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month:

1. Glow-in-the-dark Sunglasses

These funky sunglasses can add fun to any party! This product glows in the dark – all it needs is some exposure to sunlight! Count on this product for some quality brand attention during the day and night. Imprint your logo on these sunglasses – give them away at birthday parties, college orientations, business meeting and promotional events.

2. Key Points – Vision and Hearing Care

This educational guide will share quality insights on hearing and vision care. This 8-page guide will be useful for children and adults. It comes with an information chart that helps users track important tests. This guide can easily fold into the shape of a credit card to fit in any pocket or wallet.

3. Eye Glasses Magnet

Here is a magnet with a difference! Shaped like eyeglasses, this product can feature a useful message from you! The ideal giveaway for ophthalmologists and opticians, this product can be used by businesses as well. You can use the entire surface area to highlight your message. This American product can be attached to refrigerators and filing cabinets, getting your message across in quick time!

4. Sweet Sunglasses

This product is a great looker! It features a UV rating of 400 to ensure users have quality protection from the sun. This product features dark and ultraviolet lenses to help your brand stand out in a crowd!

5. Fitness is Fun Coloring Book

This book is filled with useful insights that help kids lead healthier lives. Featuring 16 pages of educational fun, this book relies on exciting characters to teach lessons on healthy living. Kids will love coloring these books. They will also love the games that come with this book – Scramble, word search and jokes.

Hope you are able to associate your brand with this cause. Choose from any of the 5 products mentioned here for an eventful marketing campaign. Our team looks forward to personalizing your order!

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