5 Reasons Why You Cannot Ignore Promotional Products!

Businesses are always seeking positive publicity that can promote their services in a big way. The need of the hour is to get noticed by a widespread audience.

Smart advertising can take brands to great heights – you should carefully plan a marketing campaign that suits your budgetary and branding needs.

There is one mistake small businesses do on a constant basis – they spend exorbitant amounts on advertising mediums such as television and print ads. These campaigns are okay if you have the financial muscle to pull them off. Sadly, most small businesses find it difficult to create commercials that can hold the imagination of their target audience.

This is where promotional products step in – they are reliable marketing tools that can do a good job of taking your branding to a whole new level. This article explains why you should put your faith in giveaways to promote your brand.

1. Hugely economical – you will gain impressive ROI!

The biggest advantage offered by promotional products is the appealing pricing. You can lay your hands on a bulk of products and imprint your logo on them – you will end up spending only a fraction of what would be spent on a TV commercial!

The ROI is great too because giveaways ensure your brand gets repeated visibility that lasts years.

2. Hugely popular – people love receiving giveaways!

Freebies are welcome gifts people love to receive! It’s a bonus if your giveaway offers high visibility.

Giveaways have the ability to endear themselves to recipients. Make sure your giveaways can be put to good use at home or at the office.

3. Highly tangible – your brand’s message can be felt!

Let’s be honest – it’s difficult to gain the trust of your target audience. You will have to make repeated efforts to reach out to them. Giveaways provide you with an easier path to win their confidence.

Recipients can feel and use the giveaways provided by you. This helps to build relationships based on trust in a quicker manner.

4. Widespread visibility among a relevant audience

There is no doubt that TV commercials have a widespread reach. The problem is that not all television viewers are interested in your services. With giveaways, you can target a specific audience and convince them about your product’s capabilities.

Distribute giveaways at trade shows, meetings, parties, schools and offices – this ensures that a lot of people from your target audience gain access to your giveaways.

5. Long-term advertising that lasts years

It’s no secret that a TV commercial is easily forgotten the next minute! But that’s not the case with giveaways. Giveaways such as personalized towels, pens, stress relievers, t-shirts and mugs are used by customers for an average of 7 to 9 months. A calendar, for example, can promote your brand all through the year!

We hope these 5 reasons persuade you to use giveaways as marketing tools for your next marketing campaign. Give us a call at 800-748-6150 or send an email to info@promodirect.com for quality marketing insights. As the #1 promotional product store online, we will make sure you are provided with the best personalization experience ever!

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