10 Giveaways For HR Teams

The Human Resource (HR) department plays a vital role in companies today – from recruiting the right candidates to making sure current employees remain loyal to the company for years! It’s no secret that employee relationship management is a difficult task that needs to be handled carefully on a constant basis. This is where we step in.

In most companies, HR teams are given a free rein to ensure that employees are well taken care of. A lot of our buyers belong to the HR domain. They seek our giveaways for any of the following occasions:

  1. To ensure recent recruits feel comfortable in the new work environment
  2. To provide current employees with timely recognition for their contribution to the company
  3. To ensure all training programs are well stocked with stationery (such as pens and notepads) featuring the company’s logo and branding details
  4. To ensure that business gifts are available at all times to show appreciation for valued clients
  5. To ensure contest and award winners receive quality prizes

Do you belong to an HR team? Or do you work closely with them? At Promo Direct, we have an entire section dedicated to fulfilling the needs of HR teams spread across the USA. This article features 10 of the most popular giveaways sought by HR teams. Go through them and make use of them at your office!

1.Hanes® Sport Shirt (Colored)

This attractive shirt is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It’s great to wear and features a welt-knit collar. The rib-knit banded cuffs add to this product’s appeal. Get this attractive shirt if you are looking for a product that can be worn by employees as a uniform on a specific day of the week. This product will win your brand a lot of visibility, especially when employees travel to work.

Bulk prices start at $6.33.

2.Time & Picture Pen Holder

This pen holder folds out to become an attractive picture frame. This good looking product can hold two photographs and display the time as well. This product is a potential marketing winner that will be appreciated by your employees. They will definitely use and showcase these pen holders on their desks. Each pen holder comes with a battery included.

Bulk prices start at $3.44.

3.Travel Cube Power Adapter with USB Charge

This is a handy charger with USB functionality. Convenient to carry around, these adapters will help recipients charge their devices wherever they go! They feature retractable adapters and a fuse-in protector.

Bulk prices start at $17.25.

4.Enterprise Octagon Award

Use the Enterprise Octagon Award to show your appreciation for performers in the office. This sleek looking showpiece is made of acrylic and features a timeless design that can elegantly highlight your logo. Get in touch with us to get your logo and message featured on this beauty!

Bulk prices start at $31.17.

5.Ball Decision Maker

This product can double up as a paperweight and a fun giveaway. Employees will love using it as a “decision maker”. Users will have to spin the decision maker to see exactly where the red ball lands. They can then let the result influence their decisions or take it in a light-hearted manner.

Bulk prices start at $10.13.

6.Hive Checkpoint Friendly Compu – Case

This bag features a laptop-only section and several zippered compartments. There are several side mesh pockets as well. This bag is convenient for traveling and allows users to lay the bag flat on x-ray belts during security check-ins.

The adjustable shoulder straps ensure that these bags are convenient to carry around.

Bulk prices start at $17.99.

7.Full Color Crystal Weight

How about using this elegant looking paperweight to get your message across? Made of durable high grade crystal, this product comes in individual gift boxes for maximum impact. Employees and clients won’t mind receiving these from you! This product comes with an assorted cleaning cloth.

Bulk prices start at $8.28.

8.High Sierra Aluminum Bottle

This BPA-free bottle features 24 oz. capacity and is a great giveaway. It features a flip top lid and an attached carabiner. This product from High Sierra is a definite marketing winner! It features a wide mouth opening for easy drinking and cleaning.

Bulk prices start at $5.84.

9.Heart Shape Stress Ball

This is the most inexpensive product on this list! Shaped like a heart, this product will win the approval of recipients. They are easy on the eye and compact enough to be placed on desks. Use these stress relievers to help employees remain stress-free and productive at office.

Bulk prices start at $.68

10.Parker IM Roller Ball

No list is complete without pens! This product from Parker looks elegant enough to be a permanent part of your marketing campaign. It features a polished silver tone trim and comes individually packaged in gift boxes. This pen can work as a business gift as well.

Bulk prices start at $13.44.

We hope you liked this list. Use these products to ensure your brand wins the goodwill of employees at your office. We also recommend you check out our range of personalized water bottles. They are sleek and attractive enough to be present in your marketing campaign during the summer.

Get in touch with our team if you have any questions about using giveaways at your office. We will help you finalize the right product based on your branding and business requirements. You can give us a call at 800-748-6150 or send an email to info@promodirect.com


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