8 Content Marketing Tips To Boost Your Presence Online

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.“ 

                                       – Andrew Davis, Content Marketing Expert and author of Brandscaping

There is no doubt about the significance of Content Marketing. It plays an important role in the online world. It gives you the perfect opportunities to connect with customers while ranking high for your choice of keywords.

Content Marketing is like a genie that provides you with wonderful visibility and quality leads. But you will have to work doubly hard to make sure it performs for you. The most successful companies online are those that do a good job of managing their content. With experience, your team will be able to master the art of Content Marketing as well.

The most important thing to remember is that the nature of Content Marketing varies from site to site. It depends on the positioning of the site and the preferences of its target audience.

There are two ways to do Content Marketing – the right way and the wrong way. The wrong Content Marketing approach is characterized by inadequate research and poorly written content. Is your content generation going the right way? How well did your content strategy benefit your site?

This article takes you through 8 tips to ensure you are doing content marketing the right way!

  1. Observe and get inspired

The first step is to observe the content marketing strategy adopted by competitors. Which channels are they using to reach out to customers?

Study competitors and you will realize that they use some or all of the following channels:

  • a primary website
  • a primary blog
  • presence on social media sites
  • forum contributions
  • 3rd party article submissions
  • email marketing

What kind of content do they use on these mediums? Perform a thorough recce and get inspired to launch a content strategy that meets your marketing requirements.

Just keep one thing in mind – the content generated by you should be better than that of the competitors you got inspired from!

  1. Create a foolproof content strategy

How often will your team produce content? Where will the content be used? Make sure you have the right content strategy in place to take your business forward. It’s also crucial that you update the strategy on a regular basis to match the ever-changing preferences of your target audience.

  1. Hire the right resources

You will need to have the right resources at your disposal to create meaningful content. An experienced writer and designer is a must.

Content is often expressed visually, especially in the form of banners. You will need to have quality images accompanying your content. This ensures that the marketing copy generated by your team gets noticed faster.

4. Rely on relevant content

Provide prospective customers with relevant content they will have interest in. Focus on content pertaining to your primary domain so that followers remain interested in what you produce.

Don’t post irrelevant content that promises likes and shares. At the end of the day, these posts will add nothing to your business. Stick to relevant content so that your company’s message gets highlighted.

5. Repackage content whenever you can

Some companies find it difficult to churn out content on a regular basis. In times like these, it is wise to visit older content and find ways to re-use them. You could share them all over again on your social media profiles. Or you could edit and present them in a new manner.

This ensures that older content can serve your company for a longer time.

6. Content organization should be made a priority

Make sure you organize content (especially in blogs)! Arrange them into easy-to-find categories that help readers to locate content conveniently. Make use of important tags that help organize your content in a better manner.

7. Your social media interactions should be engaging

You must ensure a formidable presence for your company on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and SlideShare. Make sure you interact well with customers and respond swiftly to their queries. Organize contests on a regular basis. You could give away custom sunglasses as prizes to winners

8. Ensure your content is strong enough to convert!

The obvious goal of content marketing is to gain quality leads. Monitor the performance of your campaigns and make changes if required. Content that fails to generate interest or leads is worthless. You will have to relook at the content generated and the avenues used to promote it.

Did you find the tips featured here useful? We wish you the very best for your online campaigns and we hope your team produces top-notch content on a regular basis!

Do get in touch with us if you have any marketing questions. You can call us at 800-748-6150 or send an email to info@promodirect.com. As the online world’s #1 promotional product store, we have the best minds to power your marketing campaigns. We look forward to hearing from you.


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